Instagrammable Halloween Foods



One of the best parts of the holiday season is the fun decor and sweet treats! Wondering how to make some delicious treats for that upcoming Halloween party that look great on your social media feed? Here are some tips, tricks and snack ideas that will look just as good as they taste!


  1. Spooky Cookies

Cookies are a great snack that are easy to make and can be shared with all of your friends. You can decorate them with colorful frosting, sprinkles, or even change the color of them with food coloring! If you are not the most artistic individual, you can buy premade cookies with designs that you can just put right in your oven! Put some fun Halloween and Fall decorations around the plate to add to the scene, snap a photo and post! These will look super cute on your instagram feed and are the perfect way to make all of your friends jealous!


2.  Smoothie Bowl Bat Cave

Do you love daily smoothies? This bat cave is an extremely creative and healthy Halloween treat! Choose your favorite fruits and vegetables to blend into a smoothie, and decorate it with some chocolate bats! You can use frosting to give them a facial expression, and add some berries to make their bat cave even cuter! This smoothie bowl will have everyone asking you for the recipe!


3. Spider Web Peanut Butter Cookies

Do you love peanut butter blossoms around Christmas time? Take those winter favorites and turn them spooky! Cut off the top of the Hershey kiss and put it into the cookie upside down to give the spider a body! Use melted chocolate to pain legs on the the cookie, and buy edible eyes (or make your own with frosting!) to create a cute spider cookie! Paint a web around the cookies on a plate or tray with frosting or excess melted chocolate to create a stronger Halloween aesthetic!


4. Pumpkin appetizer Platter


Having a Halloween party or get together? Create a pumpkin themed masterpiece with cheese, crackers, pepperoni, carrots and other edible snacks! You will be able to capture the Halloween spirit and can snap a great picture to spice up your feed! This platter will put a seasonal taste on a usually simple tray of foods while getting your guests in the Halloween spirit.


5. Spooky Strawberries

Many people love traditional chocolate dipped strawberries, so why not add a Halloween twist?  This spooky snack will resonate with your guests and followers, and will satisfy the taste buds of many! You can create these fabulous ghouls by dipping strawberries in white chocolate, and using milk or dark chocolate to give them some personality!


6. Mummified Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are often a fan favorite, especially with younger audiences! Wrap these mini hot dogs in some dough to give them a mummy effect, and add slip for the eyes to give them each their own personality!