The Iconic Suits of Harry Styles

Any Harry Styles stan knows that he gives 100% every time he’s onstage, musically and fashion-wise. Whether he’s wearing a Gucci or Givenchy suit, Harry Styles’ tour outfits are iconic and if you say otherwise you are wrong, sorry I don’t make the rules. So, if you don’t know about Harry’s iconic looks, here are my personal favorites he has worn on his current arena tour. @harrystyles wore a #Gucci custom lurex jacquard suit with oversized peak lapel jacket and a silk self-tie blouse while performing onstage at Royal Arena in Copenhagen, Denmark during the second leg of ‘Harry Styles: Live on...


The first suit we need to talk about, is this custom Gucci suit he wore onstage at the Copenhagen concert. The all blue sparkle suit paired with the pink sparkle trim along the suit gave him that Elton John Rockstar vibe that emphasizes his sparkling personality. 10/10 suit.

 Milan, Live On Tour.

Harry Styles must hear my yodeling from across the globe because he just continuously blesses me with these suits. This Gucci suit not only features a purple glitter throughout the whole thing, but his undershirt is gold and glittery, just like his heart. 20/10 suit.

Taking a break from the glittery suits, this PalomoSpain suit gave me elementary school secretary vibes. We all know every elementary school secretary owned at least one article of clothing with this print, and I loved every second of it. The bold pattern with the thick black strip up his leg is the suit everyone at the Barcelona show could ever want and again, Harry never disappoints me with these suits. 10/10 suit and elementary school secretary approved. This suit was iconic, and I will fight ANYONE who says otherwise. This Harris Reed suit gave me friendly pirate vibes, because we all know that if Harry was a pirate he would be the nicest one who would share his gold with everyone. 16 gold doubloons/10.  Harry Styles wearing a bespoke #PalomoSpain wonderful sequined suit in his Barcelona tour date.

Just when you thought Harry was being demurer, he hit us with this solid burgundy Alexander McQueen suit with that pop of embellishment to give it that Harry Styles flair. 20/10 suit.

This Beetlejuice-Jack Skellington hybrid suit is making me want to celebrate Halloween this spring with all the spooky vibes he’s giving us. 10/10 suit, 10/10 spookiness.

This two-toned purple and orange Calvin Klein suit is giving me FedEx vibes and I only hope that the next package I order, Harry Styles will be the delivery man putting the “failed delivery” slip on my door. 30/10 suit and a top-notch FedEx deliveryman.  04/04/18 (via DenizaDrenica)

This Gucci suit has crowned Harry as King of Reptiles. This reptilian-like suit gives a new depth to Harry’s fashion and the yellow-pink pairing only heightens Harry’s high-fashion style. 10/10 suit fit for any reptile king.

The best suit by far was the first suit Harry wore on this tour. I’m not kidding that when he came out on stage in this black glittery Gucci suit, my life was changed. I’m not kidding when I say that this suit changed my life because for a solid two weeks this suit, and this picture specifically, was the only thing on my mind. I can’t even rate this suit because it’s so perfect, honestly, infinity/10.