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Between freezing temperatures, snow and icy sidewalks, it can be almost impossible to find the balance between dressing cute and staying warm. But with these fashion tips you’ll be able to stay warm while looking cute from head to toe, even in the middle of a blizzard!


Wind can be brutal, especially during a snowstorm, so investing in a fuzzy beanie is the safest bet to keeping your head and ears warm. But if you don’t see yourself as a hat person, channel your inner scream queen and put on a cute pair of earmuffs that Chanel No.3 would approve of!

While you can usually get by without wearing a jacket in the fall or spring, not wearing a jacket just isn’t an option in the winter so make sure you invest in a coat that’s heavy to keep you warm and can withstand the brutal winter weather. But if you want a less bulky jacket and more fashion forward one, try finding a long peacoat that will add sophistication to any outfit while keeping you warm while you walk to class in the -10 degree weather!

Walking is an important part of any college student’s day, so making sure your feet stay warm, dry and comfortable all day. But snow boots can be clunky and weigh you down so try and invest in lightweight boots that keep the snow and the slush out and the warmth inside.

Following fashion trends during brutal winter weather can be difficult, but these winter fashion tips are sure to help keep you on trend and warm no matter how many inches of snow we get this year. Stay warm and fashionable!

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