How to Stay in Touch With BFFs After High School




After graduating high school, we all like to think that our high school friends will be our best friends forever and that college won’t change a thing. However, once college begins, keeping in contact with your friends from high school isn’t as easy so here are a few tips on how to keep friends from home, while still being able to make the most out of college!


1. Social Media

One of the best ways to stay in touch with high school friends is through social media. Whether that means keeping up your Snapchat streaks with them, tagging each other in the latest memes or simply commenting on one another’s Instagram posts. You will still be able to stay updated in one another’s lives, especially if your high school friends go to different colleges than you do.


2. Shoot Them A Text!

Sometimes all it takes is keeping that ‘High School AP English Class’ group chat alive even in college. A few weekly texts can really show your friends that you still value their friendship and are willing to stay close during this new chapter of your life. Ask them how their classes are going and what’s new in their lives and it will make your friendships that much stronger!


3. Take Advantage of Free Time

If there are days when you and your friends from high school don’t have classes or work, make plans with them. Plan a lunch date or go get a coffee with them, or if they live far away, use that free time to Facetime! College definitely means a busier schedule than you and your friends are probably used to, but there will always be room for the people who matter most to you!


4. Understand That College is Different

Respecting that you and your friends might have differing schedules, new interests, and new friends, but that doesn’t mean that staying in touch with them has to be any different. Just make sure that you aren’t getting upset with your friends over conflicting schedules or for not trying to hang out with you every day. Everyone is trying to adjust to college just like you!