How to Stay Healthy When Everyone Else Is Getting Sick

We all know the basic ways to stay healthy on campus: wash your hands, take your daily vitamins, drink water, exercise, and so on. But what about the ways that no one would expect? Here are 4 unexpected ways to stay healthy on campus.


  1. Diffuse essential oils!

Essential oils are great for clearing the mind, body, and soul. Each scent has a different purpose, which can easily be found online. These scents bring on different happy and pleasurable emotions, which can help strengthen your immune system (cool, right?) My personal favorite oils to diffuse are lemon and lime mixed together and lavender and bergamot mixed together at night.


2. Get some sunlight!

You can never go wrong with a little vitamin D. Take the scenic route to class and get that sunlight on your face. Vitamin D is not only great for your skin, but can be found helpful in prevents mental health crisis, decreasing melatonin, and keeping the brain alert throughout the day.


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3. Clean your bedsheets often.

Bedsheets collect more germs and dirt than you could ever believe. It is a good idea to clean your bedsheets often incase you came in contact with any sick person so you do not sleep on her germs. Showering before bed to wash away all those germs is also a good way to fight off germ-caused infections and viruses, too!



4. Switch out your morning coffee with tea.

I know, I know, this may be very hard for some, but the natural elements in some teas strengthen the immune system and prevent sickness. For example, hot black or green teas are great ways to strengthen the immune system. Add some honey as a sugar replacement and you are sure to be one healthy bean!

 Drinking tea may prevents colds.