How to Set Goals for 2020

2020 is almost here with a new year approaching, it is time to reflect on the past year. Look at your goals from 2019 and see what you accomplished and look back on all the new memories you created. And of course, a new year brings a fresh start, so it is time to set some new goals for yourself. It can seem overwhelming, and hard to stick to, but there are a few simple ways to make sure you can accomplish anything you set your mind to in the new year. 


1.) Write them down in a place you will always look at them


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It seems self-explanatory, but writing things down is not only a better way to get you to remember something, but it is an easy place to access the goals efficiently. Try not to write them down on a random piece of paper you may misplace. Keep them in a journal, planner, or any kind of notebook you keep with you frequently. Now, when you accomplish a goal, you can even highlight or check it off! It’s like checking off everything on your to-do list, visibly seeing all your goals highlighted helps you feel more accomplished. 


2. Share your goals

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We sometimes tend to keep our goals to ourselves, and that is totally okay. Sometimes, I like to share my goals with others because it helps motivate me more. If someone you know is there to help you and support you through these goals, it can make them easier to accomplish. Sharing them with others also allows them to hold you accountable. They can remind you of your goals and the date you want to accomplish them by. 


3. Set multiple, small short-term goals instead of a few long-term goals.

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While long-term goals are a good start to figure out what areas you want to achieve goals in, sometimes looking at major long-term goals can seem overwhelming and unrealistic. Instead, try setting more short-term goals, even if it’s in the same category because it will help them seem more manageable, and plus you’ll feel like you’ve accomplished more. For example, start with the long-term goal of  “I want to save money this year” and turn it into a few short-term goals such as “I want to put $150 in my savings every month” or “I want to only spend $300 out of checking every month.” 


4. Don’t forget to treat yourself

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You may not think accomplishing your goal is a big deal, but even achieving the smallest of goals deserves a reward! Don’t forget to treat yourself after accomplishing a goal because you worked hard and you deserve it.