How to make money as a graphic designer in college

Many graphic design students in college have to spend a lot of money on supplies, different design programs, studio fees and other expenses that make it difficult to live in a major city. While graphic design students can't go out and get jobs in their fields and go to class simultaneously, there are tons of way to make money in the graphic design field rather than picking up a boring retail job! Here are the best tips and ways to make money as a graphic designer in college!

1. Sell your artwork online

Selling your artwork on websites like Redbubble or Society6 is a great and easy way to make money without compromising what you love to do! Websites like Redbubble and Society6 let you upload any form of art you have allowing you to get your name out in the world, create an online portfolio and make money by selling your artwork!

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2. Freelancing around campus

While doing freelance work might be hard to do while balancing schoolwork and personal projects, picking up smaller freelance jobs around campus can put a couple of extra dollars in your wallet that can go towards next month's rent or so you can get Chipotle for dinner. There's always business students who need business cards and clubs that need flyers, so why not take advantage of those opportunities and get your name known on campus to get more jobs!

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3. Compete in competitions

This might not be a 100% foolproof way to make a quick buck, it is a good way to branch out into the graphic design world and add pieces to your portfolio. Plus, if you do win the contest there's always a chance of a cash money prize that'll let you treat yourself to a nice shopping spree!

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There's tons of little ways to make money as a graphic design student, but with these being the biggest and easiest ways to make money while balancing work, school and having some fun while doing all of that!