How to Decorate your Dorm/Apartment for Christmas on a Budget

The Christmas season has officially arrived and everyone is starting to get into the holiday spirit. However, it’s hard to be cheerful around the holidays when you’re not at home with your family, decorating your tree all together while Christmas music blasts in the back, and sugar cookies are baking in the oven. Even if you live in a dorm room or your own apartment, it is still possible to liven the holiday spirit in your own, new space. Grab your roommates, and head the dollar section of Target (because you know college students love a bargain)… it’s decorating time! Here a few easy, fun ways to decorate your place for Christmas on a budget!


1.) Buy a fake Christmas Tree

Truly no pine air freshener will ever match the divine smell of a real Christmas tree, but having a real one just isn’t ideal for college students. They can be both expensive and messy, and with your busy schedule, you may forget to water it. Buying a fake tree for your apartment may not be your cheapest option, but think of it as an investment ; once you have it, you’ll always have it. Plus Target has tons of cute ornaments in bulk for a good price that you can decorate it with to make it feel like home. If you live in a dorm, buying a small table-top tree is a good, reasonable choice.


2.) Throw some string lights up

One of the fastest, easiest ways to decorate is by throwing up some twinkling string lights! Lights scream Christmas to me and they can turn any room from normal to festive by wrapping them around the tree, the windowsill, your bed frame, etc. Even weaving them into some garland makes for an easy, beautiful Christmas decoration. You can buy string lights for a good prices at stores like, Target, TJ Maxx, and more! If your dorm doesn’t allow plug-in string lights, try battery-operated ones!

(Sorry for my laptop reflection in this photo, but you get the idea!)


3.) Hang up stockings

Even if it is the only decoration you buy, nothing says “It’s Christmas!” like some hung-up stockings. Hang them on the wall, or on a TV stand and you’re good to go! That way before you leave your roommates for winter break, you can leave them cute, little surprises in their stockings since you won’t be together on Christmas day! Around Christmas time, you can find reasonably priced stockings at any decor store.


4.) Buy/make a wreath

Wreaths are a simple, easy way to make your home feel instantly more festive. Buy one at the store and hang it on the wall, or even outside the door to show all your floormates just how festive you are! Or, if you’re feeling extra crafty, buy a plain wreath and some decor at a store like Michaels and make your own DIY Christmas masterpiece!

5.) When in doubt, buy some stickers

You truly can never go wrong with stickers, especially not in Target’s dollar section where they always have tons! Stick them in your windows or on your walls (if it’s allowed) and it makes for the perfect, instant Christmas decoration!

(Again sorry for the reflection!)