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Whether you are living on-campus, just moved to a new apartment here or in your home country, a little décor in your space would add to the beauty of living there. I moved to Boston in January this year and wanted to get creative to beautify my room. Considering how I love DIY projects, I wanted to do something similar but without splurging on those things. That is when I had my trip to Dollar Tree. At first, I was skeptical about the things I could buy, but now it has been my go-to store for almost everything to add style to my place. The things listed below make my room look fuller and it feels like home.


1.  Art Boards

Art boards are perfect to hang by the window or simply stuck/pinned on the wall would fill in the empty background and fit as a perfect décor item in your room.

[bf_image id="q7nwal-1gv4cg-c6lofq"]


2. The "Quote" Stuff

Adding a few quote pieces do not necessarily have to tell something about you, but the interesting and attractive backgrounds makes you want to buy them all.

[bf_image id="q60gek-gm1bk-41poz1"]


3. Photo frames

Yes, photo frames that are a dollar’s worth (quite literally) can be used to put up some crazy and beautiful memories to remind you of the people all day every day.

[bf_image id="bs5bn8xqvn294p4jvpnxkfxv"]

4. Door hangings

This has been my most favorite till date because I am always up to something or the other and what better way to put it than this here.

[bf_image id="q4s6il-gd0h4-2my71h"]



I am new to the celebration of Halloween, but the ghostly impressive stuff that this store sells for Halloween had my eyes glued on them.

[bf_image id="q5b1kp-ffo0ag-7827og"]

I am not seeing an end to my shopping list from Dollar tree and it is an experiment worth giving a shot!


A Marketing and Communications student, new to Boston, living out of my comfort zone and actually enjoying it. I am a cat lover and spend most of my time scrolling through cat content on social media. I explore my creativity in DIY projects and blog writing under https://yourmillennialgirl.wordpress.com/
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