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How to Declutter your Mind by Decluttering your Space

Letting go of things has always been a big challenge for me – materialistic or emotional. It has been a constant effort to make space for new things in life, but I always end up having them adjusted with the old ones. Fortunately, I stopped carrying emotional baggages in order to stay free from stress and unnecessary drama, with a hope that my mind will be back in place. However, that was not the only thing I had to leave behind, it was also my surroundings and the things I kept hanging on to.  Having a cluttered space was worse than having a cluttered mind.

As weird as it sounds, not having a clear space or an organized area can do a lot of damage to our mental peace and our thought process. I realized this when some recent events in my life required me to get rid of a ton of useless things. I started off by asking myself whether I can make this move and succeed in it, but I guess I did not have much of a choice. So, what helped me clear my mind and start afresh was the things I let go of permanently from my surroundings.

An easy start can be to simply get everything out right in front of you where you can see you have to deal with it and get done with it once and for all. Keep the possessions that will be definitely of use and discard the rest with no second thoughts. But you can even follow the below steps just to be extra sure of making everything right:

1. Mark your T-zones!

a pile of sneakers, converse and vans sit at the bottom of a closet.
Jakob Owens | Unsplash

Yes, T-zones or the trash zones play an important role in decluttering the space, in every room that is targeted to be cleaned.

2. Play some happy music!

Spotify on iPhone
Photo by Fixelgraphy from Unsplash

I get most of work done by playing some music in the background, it helps me to work through things smoothly. So, it is a great idea to add some bass to the act of cleanliness.

3. Stay hydrated!

The most important task is to stay hydrated and enjoy the process while it lasts. Drinking fluids will keep us energized and motivated to continue the job in hand.

You could ask yourself whether the item in hand has any sentimental value to you and if you have used it in the last few months. If the answer is a straight no, you know where it belongs. The final results will make you feel free and will automatically be one of the reasons to have a great mind space.

Goodbyes have never been so satisfying!

A Marketing and Communications student, new to Boston, living out of my comfort zone and actually enjoying it. I am a cat lover and spend most of my time scrolling through cat content on social media. I explore my creativity in DIY projects and blog writing under https://yourmillennialgirl.wordpress.com/
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