How to Deal with Roommate Problems

When going off to college, one of everyone’s most common fears is “Will I like my roommate?” and wondering if you’ll get along. Whether you pick your roommate based off someone you know prior to college, met at orientation or if you go entirely random, roommate troubles are always a possibility. However, with a little communication, working out roommate problems is a lot easier than you think, you just have to try. Here are a few simple ways to deal with roommate problems.


1.     Honesty is the best policy


When you go off to college you have to face the facts: you’re an adult! If something your roommate does is bothering you, you have to be up front about it with them. They’re not mind readers, they’re never going to know unless you tell them the truth about how you’re feeling. Communication is key. If you have a problem, talking it out is always a good first step towards solving it.


2.     Listen to your roommates

When you first meet your roommates, really listen closely when they speak. Find out what their pet peeves are and pay attention when they say they don’t like something! This way you’ll know what bothers them and can be mindful of these things.



3.     Ask an RA for help

If you try talking to your roommate and mediation doesn’t work, try asking your RA for help. I know that can seem scary and no one wants to seem like a tattle tale, but try not to look at it from that perspective, you are only trying to help. It is your RA’s job to help you and they are always there as a resource.


4.     Try making compromises

Another easy way to work out roommate issues is by making compromises or setting some simple ground rules for the room. For example, if you like the door open and they like it closed, sleep with the door ajar. Or if your roommate constantly has their significant other over, set some rules so that their SO can only stay over once or twice a week. That way they get to see their SO, but you don’t have to feel like your space is always being invaded.






5.     Remember it’s only temporary

At the end of the day, roommates are only temporary and you’re not going to have to live with them forever. If moving out is not an option, try your best to get along or be civil towards them knowing at the end of the semester, if things don’t go well, you won’t have to share a space with them ever again.