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How to Create a Color Palette for your Personal Style


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One of my favorite things about fashion is how unique and self-expressive a person can be, simply through the clothes that they choose to wear everyday. The easiest way to start expressing your own personal fashion style is by figuring out what color palette is most prominent in your wardrobe. A personal color palette that is purely unique to your fashion sense can quickly become a key element to your own identity, and perception from those around you. Here are a few ways to start incorporating a personal color palette into your everyday wardrobe.  



1. Find your color “mood”, before creating your color palette

There is most definitely no shortage of fashion mood boards on the internet, and finding a few of your favorite moodboards for color inspiration is the first step in creating your color palette. If you tend to gravitate towards more vibrant and boldly colored images, then incorporate more vibrant colors into your wardrobe. If your mood boards tend to lean more on the “darker hued” side, then maybe more neutral colors should be a part of the color palette.

Images from: Pattern-Curator. Source: patterncurator.com


2. Figure out what colors look best on you

This one probably takes the most trial and error, but once you’ve made your mood board- it’s time to bring those colors to life. We all have certain colors that we know make us our look and feel like our best selves. If wearing little black dresses -rather than navy colored jumpsuits- makes you look like the ethereal, powerful woman that you want to be, then add black to your color palette over navy. If your aren’t one to jump on the neon green trend, but forest green really makes your eyes pop- then add forest green to your wardrobe and don’t even bother with the trends.

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3. Wear What Makes You Feel Amazing

The whole point of having a color palette in your personal style, is to find and wear colors that are special to you. You create your personal color palette simply by wearing colors that make you feel amazing, inspired, and true to yourself. You wardrobe is a reflection of your identity, and the colors that you incorporate should be a reflection as well.

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