Hello, it’s the new & improved Adele

Since its release on Friday, the Adele 25 album has been the talk of the weekend. Adele’s comeback single, Hello, was an absolute hit. It was all people could talk about. People were so touched by the song that they even shed some tears over it… I can admit that I was one of those participants.

I was never much of an Adele fan, but after this album, it’s safe to say that I may or may not be in love with her. I’ve got the Adele fever. It gave me chills when I first listened to it. She crushed it. She has added a new twist to her music. Her hits don’t sound slow and depressing like they usually do (I’m sorry Adele fans or just my brother, if you’re reading this). This album is a little more upbeat than past ones, in my opinion. Not to mention, she’s looking absolutely stunning! It’s almost like the upbeat-ness of the album is a confirmation to her fans that she’s finally over her ex. In a recent article in The Guardian, Adele mentions, “I can finally reach out a hand to my ex. Let him know I’m over it.” You go girl!

You did it once again, Adele. Bravo!