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Harry Styles’ new single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ Is Sweeter Than Candy

Harry Styles released his new single ‘Watermelon Sugar’ on November 16 and I have not been the same since. The catchy tune makes an instant hit with repetitive lyrics that sticks in the listener’s head and easy melody that can be replayed multiple times.

After fans waited anxiously for the new song, Styles alluded that ‘Watermelon Sugar’ would be similar to his previous song ‘Kiwi.’  Both songs show his insane amount of talent as an artist while balancing modern and vintage sound. The meaning behind the lyrics have been heavily debated amongst fans and media alike while Styles has not given a definite answer and laughs it off. Some speculate that watermelon sugar alludes to drug use while others theorize it has with euphoria influenced by sex.

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Like his other latest release ‘Light’s Up,’ there is an overtly sexual tone. Yet, while the previous song is about a quiet intimacy, ‘Watermelon Sugar’ is about a kind of love that Styles has to tell the world about. An all consuming kind of relationship is between Styles and the subject of the song.


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Styles promised a more mature album and it seems he’s keeping that promise, which is terrifying because there are ten more songs coming. The track list for his new album ‘Fine Line’ was announced on November 19. The tracks ‘Golden,’ ‘Adore You,’ ‘Cherry’, ‘Falling’, ‘To Be So Lonely’, ‘She’, ‘Sunflower, Vol 6,’ ‘Canyon Moon,’ ‘Treat People With Kindness,’ and ‘Fine Line’ are expected to be similar to the two already released tracks and fans cannot wait for their release during December.


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Sarah Turley is a current junior at Suffolk University studying Print/Web Journalism. She is from Albany, New York and loves everything about Boston. When not writing for Her Campus she can also be found writing for the Suffolk Journal, reading, finding the best new restaurants with her friends, or traveling the world.
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