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Harry Styles Interviewed Timothée Chalamet and it was the Best Thing Ever


As an avid Harry Styles fan, anytime Harry does anything it sends me into a manic episode. So when i-D magazine released an exclusive interview from Timothée Chalamet by Harry Styles, I lost my mind. Although this interview doesn’t revolve around Harry, the interesting relationship and conversation between the two is more iconic than anything any other person could ever do.

Focusing on Timothée’s upcoming role in, “Beautiful Boy”, a movie which deals with drug addiction, Harry and Timothée discuss the stigma behind drug addiction and how people with drug addiction are publicly shamed from strangers to their closest loved ones. Timothée gracefully addressed this stigma by describing drug addiction as an illness, which it is, and how “Beautiful Boy” shows how drug addiction affects his character rather than focusing on the story of how his character becomes addicted.

Later on, Harry brings up his childhood and how it shaped his personal life. Harry explained that his parents divorced when he was young and his mother and sister raised him which reflected his strong, feminine side. Harry and Timothée both addressed the fact that in today’s society men being feminine is still considered “wrong” and that men need to always be seen as strong and masculine. Both Harry and Timothée are well-known for showcasing their feminine side through their fashion choices and day to day mannerisms.

On a lighter note, towards the end of the interview Harry gave Timothée some “quick-fire” styled questions that made the interview so much more iconic. From asking Timothée whether he prefers NY or LA (btw he loves NY so that made my NY-raised heart swoon) to discussing what their favorite TV shows. While finding out that Harry is an avid “Big Mouth” and that Timothée’s guilty pleasure is “Rick and Morty”, hearing Harry announce that he’s working on his second album and knowing that new music is coming soon is making me manic.


While this interview wasn’t Harry Styles-centric, hearing him speak and interview someone with similar interests and be comfortable in a setting to speak freely with no judgement made my heart grow. I was never a huge fan of Timothée Chalamet, after hearing his responses to these questions and watching the trailer for “Beautiful Boy”, I can honestly say that Timothée is one of the most well-aware actors in Hollywood right now and that I will gladly empty my wallet to see any and all movies he stars in.


You can read the full Timothée Chalamet and Harry Styles interview here!

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