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Grammy Performance Recap


The Grammy’s are a program I look forward to every year… and snuggled up in my pajama’s on the couch, 2016 was no different. In case you missed the airing or are struggling to remember the details, I’ve provided a very brief – and very honest – recap of the night’s star-studded performances.


Taylor Swift: So Taylor Swift opened the show, which wasn’t surprising considering we saw trees on stage moments before the show started. I’m a fan of the popular song ‘Out of the Woods’, but come on, I couldn’t help but let out the biggest eye roll. There was nothing special about this opener.


Carrie Underwood/Sam Hunt: The two performed a genuine and simple duet. It was cool how the camera angles made it seem as if we were really there on stage with them!


The Weeknd: He started out on stage surrounded by three walls of lights singing “I Can’t Feel My Face.” He then transitioned into a slow version of “In the Night” that received a standing ovation from many of his peers.


Andra Day/Ellie Goulding: First off, Andra’s voice was so beautiful. I was also really feeling her fur look! The two sounded great together.


Lionel Richie Tribute: When I first saw John Legend I thought, ok here we go. Demi Lovato joined in shortly after. Although her vocals were great, I was not really feeling her outfit. She was heavily spray tanned in a bright white blazer (and no top underneath) and what appeared to be denim trouser pants?? I’m not quite sure but that’s what it looked like! Luke Bryan and Meghan Trainor also joined the group, but at that point I was still stuck on Demi’s outfit! Tyrese, on the other hand, did make a lasting impression. Last but not least, Lionel Richie himself finished out the mashup. 

Little Big Town: Little Big Town started off their performance of “Girl Crush” in a circle facing each other. The group kept a calm and cool onstage composure, but I must say I was a teeny bit bored.


Tory Kelly/James Bay: This duet was intimate: the two played guitar facing each other. Honestly, had I been alone while watching I probably would have shed a few tears.


Miguel:  I’m a big Miguel fan, and it’s hard not to be a fan of his angelic voice grace the Grammy’s stage for a brief Michael Jackson tribute. Thumbs up, Wildheart. 


Kendrick Lamar: Kendrick Lamar’s performance is definitely one you might want to go back and watch again. I found it difficult to take my eyes off of the creative masterpiece! After winning several Grammy awards and giving a speechless performance, I think it’s safe to say that Kendrick owned the 2016 Grammy’s!


Adele: Minus the technical microphone difficulties, Adele’s vocals were flawless (as usual). The performance followed her usual standards: singing in a long dress alongside a piano in dim light.


Justin Bieber/Skrillex/Diplo: Bieber started off his montage with a sexy version of “Love Yourself,” which was amazing. He then joined Skrillex and Diplo on stage and killed it with them as well.   


Lady Gaga: The first thing I noticed during Gaga’s performance was her amazing makeup. Her David Bowie tribute was very entertaining, as she moved through costume changes to match different songs. Gaga’s representation was lively and theatrical. 


Alabama Shakes: Before the Grammys, I had never heard of this group. I wasn’t expecting much of a reaction from myself regarding their performance, but I was pleasantly surprised. I was kind of digging their cool vibes!


Pitbull/Robin Thicke/Travis Barker: The dancers stole this show during this one – they were awesome. Pitbull, Robin Thicke, and Travis Barker? Eh. Overall, the performance was distracting and a little strange. Sofia Vegara came out in a Beyonce-esque ensemble, and I was just really confused what was happening. 


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