A Girl's Guide to Accepting and Embracing Herself



There are many aspects of your own personality that may make you feel insecure, ranging from sexuality, body type, acne, financial status and beyond. There is no reason to be ashamed or insecure about these things, yet because of the discrimination in our world it can be difficult to see it that way. The best thing to do is work toward accepting and embracing yourself to live your best life!



Don’t let others opinions of you change this opinions that you have of yourself.


We are often our hardest judges. We criticize every inch of ourselves both physically and mentally. Instead of finding things that you don’t like about yourself, embrace all of your features. Don’t listen to what others have to say to you because it will only drag you down. You are beautiful in your own way and no one has the right to break you down or tell you any differently. One way to accomplish this is to pick out a feature and tell yourself the best parts of that feature. Eventually your focus will change from what you don’t like, to accepting and finding what you love about those features.



“Those who mind don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind” - Dr. Seuss


This quote resonates strongly with me in the concept of sexuality. As I was struggling to come out, one of my close friends presented me with this quote and these few words helped me to accept myself slowly, and let the important people in my life in on this secret that I was keeping. It personally took me years to gain the self acceptance to come out, and had I known better ways to embrace my sexuality, I would have been strong enough to come out sooner. Coming out to people you care about is a scary experience - you never know how others will react and if they will accept you. However, if you accept yourself and are able to embrace your sexuality you can find that coming out is easier. Focus on the people who love and accept you regardless of your flaws, or in this case sexuality. The ones who accept your loud laugh, weird dance moves and all your quirks with open arms are the people you want to be in your life, and will help you embrace all of these aspects in your life.



Don’t be afraid to speak up.


You may think that your opinions are irrelevant, but I promise you, they are not. Use your voice, because chances are there is someone out there who has the same thoughts as you and is just as afraid to share them. Don’t be afraid of being judged because your voice and opinions will make a difference, even if it is only to one person. By accepting and embracing yourself you have the ability to help others do the same. For anyone struggling, noticing someone who is confident with self-love is inspiring beyond belief.



Share your story.


Everyone has a unique story. Sharing your story can change someone's life in ways that you cannot even imagine. If you notice someone struggling, reach out and share the struggles you have also faced. You have the ability to provide comfort to those around you in times of need, and inspire them to keep going when they feel as if they can’t. You never know the impact your words can have on someone, and most often they are stronger than any physical action can bring.


Choose happiness.


When things aren’t going great focus on what makes you happy. Love playing with animals? Go visit an animal shelter to give some attention to the animals in need of a good home. Love writing? Start a new story or start a journal to work through your thoughts. By focusing on the good around you, and the things that make you happy, you will be able to work through your cloudy days.