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Fries Over Guys: Boston Comfort Food for all your Existential Crisis’

               Everyone has those days every once in a while. No matter the problem, whether it be relationships, your job, your friends, school, or even that coffee you spilled down the front of your shirt the second you stepped out of your door, we’ve all been in a place where we just want to give up right then right there.

              However, I encourage you to instead take a breath, take a break, grab a bite, and figure things out from there. And what better way to do that than devour your favorite guilty pleasures to make all your troubles go away, even if only for a few bites. Through the ups and the downs, our favorite indulgences have our backs. Here I present a few options for you to eat your feelings all over Boston.


JP Licks

JP Lick’s is the perfect go-to ice cream shop for any occasion. The unique environment and intense flavors has won the shop a number of “Best Of…” ice cream awards. There’s no better place to devour a sundae in your darkest hour.



Georgetown Cupcakes

For those who binge watch TLC’s DC Cupcakes and Cupcake Wars, here’s your chance to binge on all your favorite cupcakes. The store’s owned and founded by sisters Katherine Kallnis  Berman and Sophia Kallinia LaMontagne, the stars of the TLC shows. A few episodes of Cupcake Wars and some Georgetown Cupcakes can solve more problems than most would realize.


Mike’s Pastry

Try and tell me a selection of 18 different cannoli’s won’t turn your mood around. This North End tradition can celebrate the highs and turn around the lows the second you walk in the door. Not a cannoli fan? Don’t you worry, your day is getting better too. Mike’s Pastry has a wide selection of various pastry’s and also the option of gelato



Tasty Burger

The saying is “Fries Before Guys” for a reason. As one of the 50 Best Burger Joints in America according to Business Insider, these burgers can cure hangovers and heartbreaks.



South Street Diner

For those of you like me who believe breakfast shouldn’t have a time restraint, South Street Diner is there for you when no one else is. Open 24/7, those late night waffles are calling your name.



Insomnia Cookie

What’s better than cookies? Cookies with ice cream. At 2am. Insomnia Cookie is open until 3am nightly. Imagine how many problems that solves. And for those of you close by, Insomnia delivers to anyone within a certain range. Yeah, it got better.



Fajitas and ‘Ritas

Skip the chains and head straight to Fajitas and ‘Ritas to enjoy their award winning tex-mex cuisine. The great environment will lift any bad mood and let’s face it, what sounds more comforting than a frozen margarita and a huge plate of nachos.



Blackbird Donuts

Two words: Gourmet Doughnuts. You deserve this. With a combination of unique and classic favorites, don’t settle for less than what Blackbird has to offer. Doughnuts, Ice cream, and Coffee; essential keys to making any day that much better.



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