Friends 25th Anniversary Pop-up in Boston

Could I be any more excited for this?

It was announced last week that a Friends pop-up would be coming to the Fenway area to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the beloved show. As someone who grew up watching reruns after school and late nights, I could not be more excited for this to come to Boston.

Fans of all ages are given an immersive experience, having the opportunity to see set re-creations of important places in the show, like Central Perk and Monica’s apartment, up close and personal. There will be tons of opportunities to get the perfect picture on the iconic orange couch for your Insta. 

Also within the pop-up, there are over 50 original set props, including the Geller Cup, the 18-page letter Rachel wrote to Ross, and even the best friend bracelet that Joey bought for Chandler. It is almost like a mini-museum paying homage to the show.

Here are some pictures from within the pop-up:


The Joey and Chandler Room

Image Credit: amNEWYORK

The Monica Room

Image Credit: amNEWYORK


You have the opportunity to take a photo wearing the iconic turkey head, which I think is the absolute best.


Central Perk

Image Credit: amNEWYORK


The replica of the coffeehouse at the exhibit will be fully functioning, serving up Friends themed coffee and treats.

The exhibit is open 7 days a week from 9:30 am to 10 pm, running until January 5th. You can purchase tickets online for a specific time slot and tickets are going for $29.50 plus fees. Another cool thing they are offering is special holiday events that you can attend, such as the Friendsgiving Holiday Event and New Year’s with FRIENDS, and during the latter, you have the chance to learn the iconic dance routine of Ross and Monica. The tickets for these special events are $55.

If you love Friends and have a chance to go, I highly suggest it, as it is a really special opportunity and when will you ever have the chance to pretend like you’re a character in the show?

Click on the link here to purchase tickets: