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Fashion Fights Back

While she may not be a HC Suffolk Campus Celeb, she’s my hometown celeb at the moment. Wardrobe stylist and FIT student, Lindsey Coco, is the entrepreneur that so many of us dream of becoming… and she’s only 18! By the time she was 15, Lindsey was the go-to resource for all of her friends and family who needed help with anything fashion related. She decided to take her hobby to the next level and founded her very own personal styling company called, Coco’s Closets. As a result, she has styled the likes of Miss New York, established make up artists, and various national magazine photo shoots. She offers services such as virtual personal styling, personal shopping, and closet overhauls. In addition to her goal of assisting the fashion-impaired, Lindsey also strives to promote positive self-image. Her bio on Coco’s Closets reads, “…maybe you have given up on feeling good about yourself completely because you don’t feel like you are worth it. But babe, I am here to tell you that you are perfectly beautiful already. You just need someone to help you see it.”

Lindsey’s passion for changing the way people view themselves has blossomed into an even more beautiful mission: she wants to alter the way people view fashion as a whole. Fashion Fights Back was born with the goal of introducing people to companies that take philanthropic and eco-friendly approaches with their brand. She has featured household names, such as, TOMS and Burt’s Bees, as well as lesser known startups that you may not have heard of… yet. Lindsey hopes to inspire all fashionistas to endorse designers who consider more than just the latest trend. Whether they’re donating proceeds, supporting local artisans, or demonstrating environmentally-sound practices, all of the labels promoted by Fashion Fights Back are worth a second look. When you’re given a platform to raise your voice and help others, the opportunity should not go to waste. Lindsey exemplifies this stunningly by bringing light to the positive ambitions of others through her writing. I am honored to have been asked to tell her story, and hope that at least a few of you collegiettes are inspired enough to take a minute and check her out.


Join the fight now! xx



Instagram: @fashionfightsback

Twitter: @fashionfightsbk



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