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Fans Speculate the Release of Harry Styles’ Mysterious Single “Watermelon Sugar”

Ever since Harry Styles tweeted “Kiwi walked so Watermelon Sugar could run”, fans have been impatiently waiting the release of this new single. While the only hint Harry has given fans in regards to dropping the single was that tweet, that hasn’t stopped fans from creating crazy theories as to when it will drop and tweeting the funniest things on Twitter!

(Image from: https://twitter.com/Harry_Styles/status/1186791982536024065)

While there are thousands of ridiculous theories as to when fans believe Harry is dropping “Watermelon Sugar”, but this theory was the most reasonable one. While it panned out to not be true, many fans believed that Harry was going to drop the single on the anniversary of the release of the “Kiwi” music video which was November 8th. This theory made fans, including myself, firmly believe he was going to do so not only because of the connection to his previous tweet, but solely based on the fact that Harry Styles is the most chaotic human being alive and would probably find it hilarious to watch the world explode based off of his coincidental joke.

(Image from: https://www.much.com/harry-styles-kiwi-video/)

Even though Harry did not make it clear that he was dropping a single and the popular theory was proven false, that didn’t stop fans from blowing up twitter with hilarious jokes about the impending single! From directly tweeting Harry Styles to making jokes about being clowns for getting excited for the single, every tweet that comes up when you search “Watermelon Sugar” on Twitter is hilarious!

(Image from: https://twitter.com/HarryForSavior/status/1192800630236168192)

The overwhelming anxiety fans are feeling because of the fact that Harry can drop the single at anytime is at an all time high. So fans all across the world are sharing their comedic relief and universal anger/anxiety towards Harry and his teasing antics!

(Image from: https://twitter.com/HarryForSavior/status/1192667875435319296)

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