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Listen up ladies! Fall is approaching fast and we all know what that means. We will all be scrambling to find the most comfy, cozy fall sweaters and cardigans. But who has the budget to be purchasing a whole new fall wardrobe? No worries, I have the answer, with the best thrift and consignment shops to visit in Boston. Whether you live downtown and can walk to historic Charles street in Beacon Hill, or you’re minutes from a T-stop and can take the train to Cambridge or Allston, there are plenty of thrifts for all.

Charles Street in Beacon Hill will supply any avid thrifter with ample amounts of recycled goods and clothes. The Blessing Barn, newly opened, is a satellite store from The Blessing Barn in Mendon, MA., a quaint boutique with consignment goods of all kinds (clothes, furniture and other miscellaneous items). On my last trip, I was able to purchase a flannel, cardigan and a Frank Sinatra album for under $30. The friendly staff and inviting atmosphere makes it the perfect place to spend your Sunday afternoon after brunch. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for daily updates to their hours and the new pieces arriving weekly, which you can shop right from their instagram.

Looking to refurbish your apartment or change up your space? If so, you need to check out Upstairs Downstairs. A local consignment shop on Charles Street in Beacon Hill with 5 beautiful decorated rooms housing artwork, furniture, and kitchen items. It is a great space to walk through and admire all the history and stories living in that space. The last spot Charles Street has to offer is Covet, a popular high end, high fashion consignment store. Be sure to check out their many racks of almost perfect condition fashionable apparel. You can take a cute instagram picture in front of their neon pink sign or play with the store’s adorable chihuahua. The atmosphere is fun and flirty and like the other two stores you will instantly fall in love!

Right outside of Boston, you will find The Garment District in Cambridge’s Kendall Square, a large thrift store holding used and new clothes and accessories for men and women. The store is laid out in a specific section dividing style and season of clothes. Be on the lookout for their sales, as they often let you bring your own bag and pick through piles of recycled clothes to find the best pieces. On these specific days, you are able to pay by the pound of clothes you purchase. Similarly, Buffalo Exchange in Allston has great options of trendy women’s and men’s fashion. Whether you are looking for that perfect fall sweater or a great homecoming dress, Buffalo Exchange is a great place.

Looking to get rid of old clothes, give them a new home? Most places will accept used clothes and could potentially give you a tax refund for the items. Buffalo Exchange, for example, will give you store credit for the items they buy from you. It really is a great way to shop without feeling guilty about sticking to your budget. Any of the mentioned locations are small local businesses that deserve our support, plus supporting recycled, green fashion is never a bad idea!

Hi, my name is Hannah Costello and I am a Junior at Suffolk University. I am a VP of My sorority Alpha Sigma Alpha and I am also on the speech and debate team on campus. I grew up In New Hampshire and have always had a love for writing to express myself and inform other people. I am a dog enthusiasts and avid chi latte drinker.
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