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Fall Baking Ideas

With fall season now in full swing, it is now time to enjoy the changing of the foliage and the start of sweater season. For me, I always have found fall to be a great time for baking and trying out new recipes, as we move away from the craziness of the summer and warmer weather. Baking can be a great way to relieve stress and get away for a little bit of time from your busy schedule, whether it be school, work, or just daily life. Especially with all of the amazing flavors of the season available, now has never been a better time to start baking!

I have put together a list below on my top 5 baking ideas to try this fall season:

  1. Pumpkin Spice Roll

Nothing says fall more than pumpkin spice. From lattes and pastries, to candles and air fresheners, pumpkin spice dominates the fall season every year. Every time October rolls around, I am immediately seeking out pumpkin bread, but maybe this year it would be good to try something new and still have that rich pumpkin spice flavor! With light, airy pumpkin cake and spirals of rich cream cheese frosting, a pumpkin spice roll is a creative way to “spice up” your pumpkin recipes while still enjoying the decadent flavor!

Link to recipe: https://www.gimmesomeoven.com/pumpkin-roll-recipe/

  1. Dutch Apple Bread

Other than pumpkin spice, apple is another top flavor to dominate during the fall season. With everything from apple cider doughnuts, to apple crisp, and caramel apples, many of us love to seek out the tangy and warm taste from apple baked goods. I truly believe it also is because we associate it with a popular fall activity, apple picking, and the joy that many people get from doing that with loved ones. If you are looking to switch things up from the usual apple baked goods, dutch apple bread is a fun and delicious idea. Made from scratch with butter, sugar, and warm apples, as well as topped with a cinnamon streusel and vanilla glaze, this recipe is an easy and delicious way to enjoy the fall!

Link to recipe: https://butterwithasideofbread.com/dutch-apple-bread/

  1. Chai Spiced Cheesecake Tarts

If you are a cheesecake enthusiast like me, you can agree that cheesecake is a year-round dessert with so much possibility for flavors. However, sometimes fruit or the decadent chocolate cheesecake does not always seem suitable for the season. One recipe I found very intriguing is a chai-flavored cheesecake (but bite sized!), which contains warm hints of cinnamon and nutmeg, which seems perfect for the colder weather. Chai and chai lattes are a relatively new concept to me, being introduced to them only a year ago, but they have since become my favorite drink flavor. The recipe I found for the cheesecake tarts even include a gingersnap crust, which I think is a delicious addition to help heighten the chai cheesecake.

Link to recipe: https://www.simplyorganic.com/recipes-by-collection/winter/winter-desserts/chai-spiced-cheesecake-tarts

  1. Apple Cider Doughnut Loaf Cake

This is not your typical apple cider donut recipe! This bread is super easy to make and lasts longer than the usual donuts you gobble up the same-day after visiting your local farm. Apple cider donuts have come to be known as a fall staple up here in New England, as many people go crazy for them every year. This recipe honors the tradition of these beloved baked goods, while also putting a twist with a larger portion size and including hints of nutmeg and cinnamon. It is a great way to capture the taste that makes apple cider donuts so delicious while also adding more variety to the concept. 

Link to recipe: https://www.bonappetit.com/recipe/apple-cider-doughnut-loaf-cake

  1. Carrot Cake

Although carrot cake is not considered exclusively a fall dessert, it can be a great addition to celebrate the season. With the combination of warm spices and nuts, it can make your home smell like a beautiful fall candle. Carrot cake has always personally been one of my favorite cakes, especially with its decadent cream cheese frosting. The nice thing about it is that it is not overly sweet, so you do not get sick of it quickly. The recipe I have included below is super easy, only taking about 35-45 minutes to make, and can be great for large gatherings or even just to enjoy in your daily lives!

Link to recipe: https://www.livewellbakeoften.com/the-best-carrot-cake-recipe/

Lauren Comeau is a senior at Suffolk University with a major in Print and Web Journalism. She is originally from North Reading, MA. At Suffolk, she is a member of the Program Council, hosts her own nighttime radio show, and enjoys writing for the university's chapter of Her Campus. Lauren is an avid movie fan, loves Harry Styles, and often spends long hours experimenting with new baking recipes.
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