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Fads That Are Bound to Fade in 2012

We're already almost two months into the new year. While we're hoping to not have to witness the end of the world, we are hoping to see the end of some of 2011's most over-used fads! We've seen lots of fads come and go, but lets take a look back at the most popular fads of 2011that will most likely not make it all the way through 2012! 
Planking: Someday, when my grandchildren are looking through my pictures, they are going to shocked when they stumble upon dozens of pictures of my friends and me lying face down in random places, playing dead. Planking, the craze that began in Australia, has been demonstrated by celebrities such as Chris Brown, Justin Bieber and Kristen Bell. Other strange photo-ops have been popping up on Facebook such as owling, snailing, horsemaning, and most recently, Tebowing. Though creative poses like this are sometimes extremely entertaining, many end up beoming too cliché.
Hair Feathers: Ke$ha rocked the feather in 2011 that inspired girls everywhere to run to their hairdressers and get bold colored feathers clamped in their hair! This is a trend that was hot for quite some time amongst college aged girls, which then trickled down to middle school girls, and eventually elementary schools were scattered with young girls sporting bunches of feathers in their hair. Now, who really wants to be categorized with elementary school girls? Though some girls still rock the feather, the fad is definitely fading.

OPI Crackle Nail Polish: Just what every girl wants, nail polish that makes your nails look broken. Though the idea is interesting, sometimes this polish looks quite tacky. I hope that people come to their senses in 2012, and trade their crackle nail polish in for some more creative do it yourself nail projects. There are thousands of YouTube videos demonstrating how to apply lace to your nails, how to marble your nails, and there are even videos demonstrating how to apply newspaper clippings to your nails! If these seem too difficult for you, Sally Hansen makes Salon Effect nail polish strips that are easy to use and look beautiful too!
Like My Status for a Rate/Confession/Truth Is/etc.: Though this was mostly a high school fad, there are still handful of college kids post statuses like these. The person posting the status usually ends up writing a cliché confession or truth on the other person's wall. So, basically this whole “likes my status” business is completely pointless. “Truth is… you’re pretty!” “Confession: your really pretty” “Rate:1000000” YAWN!

Rompers: When rompers first started popping up in fashion magazines I swore it would be one trend I would never follow. A month or two passed and they started to grow on me. I purchased two at Urban Outfitters. One was chic and flattering, the other however I have yet to wear out of my house. It made me look frumpy and I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to wear it correctly! Rompers are simply a hit or miss. Unfortunately, they are usually a huge miss!
Angry Birds:  Have you ever glanced at what the person next to you on the T is doing on their phone? I admit that I curiously sneak a peek sometimes, and the person is usually either texting or playing Angry Birds. Angry Birds was the most downloaded App of 2011, trumping even social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter! The red bird became an icon. The app was such a great success that products such as clothes and school supplies were sold in stores everywhere. Only time will tell what app will replace Angry Birds as most downloaded app of 2012. It’s probably too early to predict, but I’m guessing Temple Run will be the “Angry Bird of 2012.”
Nicole Rosa Major: Advertising Academic Year: 2015 Bio: I was born and raised in Wallingford, CT. Softball is basically my life. I've been playing for 14 years and I'm a shortstop and catcher on the Suffolk team. I'm the manager of the Rent the Runway Campus Rep team at Suffolk. I love love love photography, fashion, decorating, rap music, and sports!
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