Euphoria is returning for two special holiday episodes

There is finally some good news for 2020. It was recently announced that Euphoria would be returning with 2 special holiday episodes. This is exciting for fans, as they are getting new content early even with the second season being delayed. The news was announced by Zendaya on Instagram, following her recent Emmy win for her work on the series. Her caption on the photo was “we really missed them”, as the cast was itching to get back to work.


HBO released a description of the episodes, so the fans know what to expect. They stated that the first of the two episodes would follow Rue as she celebrates Christmas. These episodes are meant to serve as a gift for fans during this extended hiatus, as the wait for season two is longer than expected. Both Hunter Schaefer and Colman Domingo (who plays Ali) are expected to return for these episodes.


It will be interesting to see what these episodes are about, as it is meant to be during the time between seasons one and two. At the end of season one, we see that Rue relapses and overdoses for the second time. Many fans are wondering if they would see if Rue survived and will be recovering, and even what will happen with her and Jules after the way they ended in season one.


No matter how they choose to tell a story in these episodes, it will be incredible in the typical Euphoria fashion, hopefully with the music and the beautiful cinematography.


The first of the special holiday episodes is set to be released on HBO on  December 6.