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When getting ready for a night out, deciding what to do with your hair can be an essential part of your look.  Putting your hair up, straightening it, or curling it can often be a tedious process that requires you to have the necessary hair tools to complete the style. Drybar has become the go-to place for many women seeking a sleek hair look for a night out or special occasion. Starting at $45.00, DryBar services include a wash, blowout, and your desired hairstyle, all while using Drybar products. There is a range of hairstyles to select from: wavy, curly, straight, braided, and various updos. 

(Image from: drybar.com)

I recently visited the Drybar Downtown Crossing location in Boston, in preparation for a friend’s birthday and was eager to see if it lived up to its high reviews. When entering, I was warmly greeted by a friendly receptionist and a clean, trendy atmosphere. For a Tuesday afternoon, the DownTown Crossing Drybar was surprisingly busy, so make sure to make an appointment in advance on the Drybar website before visiting a location near you. Beverages were offered upon check in and for clients over the age of 21, there was a selection of champagne and wine, adding to the more literal meaning of “Drybar.”

When browsing through their hairstyle lookbook, I selected a curlier style, since my hair is naturally fine and straight. The products used when washing my hair did an excellent job at moisturizing my color treated hair. They seemed to do an excellent job of using products specific to a clients hair type, rather than just using whatever product they grab. Before styling, my stylist made sure to use heat protectant spray and even used a lower curling wand temperature when I explained that my hair was particularly fine.

(Image from: drybar.com)

The results were incredible and certainly not something I could achieve at home myself. Nevertheless, the entire services totaled $45.00 (not including tip), which is a steep price for a hairstyle that will only last until your hair is washed again. If you are good at styling your own hair, visiting Drybar for your upcoming event might be a waste. However, if you are like me and curling wand challenged, Drybar services might be a good investment in your next going out look. This is especially true if you do not have a curling wand and quality hair care products already. DryBar heat tools cost an upwards of $100.00 and if you don’t go out often or don’t style your hair often, it may be more worth it to visit a DryBar location near you the next time you want a styled look. Ultimately, Drybar is an excellent investment indulgence, particularly with the holiday season approaching. 

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