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DJ Max Chase Pashman


LA native and freshman at Suffolk University, DJ Max Chase Pashman has already made a name for himself in the Suffolk party scene. With talent as strong as his passion, Max has performed at bars, parties, and events throughout Boston within the past few months. Straight out of LA Max has been DJing before most of us from the East coast had ever even heard of house music. DJ Max Chase is a crowed favorite at parties, and a beloved member of the Suffolk community. 

Q&A with Max:
Name:Max Chase Pashman
Birthday:May 21,1992
Major/Graduation Year:Economics/2015
Relationship Status:Single

When did you decide you wanted to start DJing?
Well it all started when I attended my first concert at Electric Daisy Carnival in 2008. The combination of the DJ’s not only performing their music to an audience but also making a crowd react in such a exciting manner really convinced me this is something I really wanted to do. A couple months later I bought a couple turntables and started practicing to reach this goal.

First paid gig? 
My first paid was when I was in LA spinning a party for my friends who wanted just a simple kickback. I didn’t even expect to get paid, but my friends thought it was necessary after they had a great night.
Whats something your proud of?
I can definitely say I’m most proud of myself for using DJing as a hobby to define myself. I’ve always been looking for an activity in my life that would allow me to stand out from other people.
What was your involvement in music before DJ’ing?
I used to play a little bass guitar but gave up cause I’ve been always been a very impatient person when it comes to long-term activities. Shortly before I started DJing I got into producing my own type of electronic house music, which largely contributed to my passion in Djing.
What do you like best about Suffolk?
Definitely the fact that there is a noticeably larger population of girls than guys, some guys don’t get how lucky we are to be in a college that provides that.
Do you plan on pursuing a long term career in DJing or music?
That really does depend on how far I expand my career in Djing in the next 4 years. If I get noticed enough to the point where I can make a profitable living from it then I would definitely stick with it. My dream would be able to tour to some of the biggest festivals in America such as Ultra Music Festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Coachella and see my crowd go wild to every song I throw down. If not then I plan to get involved with business in the music scene by dealing with the cooperation between record businesses, concert events, and artists.
Your from LA, do you think that separates you in any way from other aspiring DJ’s in Boston?
 Absolutely. LA, I believe, is one of the main reasons dance music has spread through out North America. I’ve grown up with a lot of kids that compete with one another to have a high status in the DJ scene. Living in LA mostly has incredibly enhanced my ability to “read a crowd”. In other words, knowing what the crowd wants to dance to and what kind of music they are looking forward partying to.
Celeb Crush and why?
 Keira Knightley. She is by far one of the most stunning looking actresses I’ve ever seen, but that could get topped off easily by the hot actress from Project X.
Do you have a role model, who?
 DJ AM. Not many people know this person but he was one of the best DJ’s that ever lived and represented LA. He was the best at scratching, mixing, and giving the crowd what they desire: pure fun. (rest in peace)
Favorite article of clothing you own?
My “Flux” sweater that I got custom made online. I always wear it to attract the people that understand who the artist is.
One song you can put on repeat and never get sick of?
“The Island” by Pendulum. Still remains one of my all time favorite tracks from my favorite band.
Other talents and hobbies?
Is partying a hobby?
Want Max to Play at your party?

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