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Decorate Your Space With Plants

Moving into a new dorm room or apartment can be very exciting, the design possibilities are endless! One thing that people often forget to add to their room design is plants. Plants can bring a lot into a space including fresh air that helps you breath easier. They also bring an element of life into a space, and come on let’s face it some of them are downright cute!



If you’re the kind of girl who thinks she can’t keep a plant alive, here are some strong independent plants that really only need attention once a week to once every couple of weeks.


Aloe Vera Plant

Aloe plants are great! The amount of pots you can put them in to make them look cute is endless (picture this guy in a pineapple pot! He would look like the leaves of the pineapple). Aloe are simple to take care of, you really only want to water them once a week because they are desert plants and too much water will drown them easily. They grow fast, and make the cutest babies that you can share with your friends.



Jade Plant

Jade plants are also known as money plants, they are that small tree looking plant you see in Chinese restaurants all the time. They are hardy plants that again only need to be watered once a week. Hopefully having one in your space will bring in the money like the name suggests.


Air Plant

One of my new favorite plants is the air plant. These little guys only need to be soaked upside down in fresh water every 2 weeks for 30 minutes, then left out to dry for 2 hours before they go back into your chosen space for them. They can really live anywhere, in one of those cute glass balls hanging from your window, or one of the metal geometric things you see at Urban all the time!



Everyone loves a good cactus, and there are so many different kinds, but they can be picky, so you’ll have to find a watering pattern that works well for you and your cactus. Watering once every week or every other week is the way to go, and most cactuses like a lot of sunlight, and dislike the cold. So if you have them by a window in the winter be sure the window is closed!


Spider Plant


The last plant we’ve been loving is the spider plant, don’t let the name turn you off, these plants are wispy and fun to have in the home, they grow like crazy, constantly having babies (We know what everyone will be getting for Christmas!) These plants need a bit more care than the others, water them a couple of times a week, you want to make sure the soil is constantly moist.





We’d love to see how you decorate your space with plants! Tag us @HCSuffolk and use the hashtag #HCSuffolk so we can check out your photos! HCXO


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