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Colby Garabedian

Full Name: Colby Garabedian
Academic Year: Junior
Hometown: Los Angeles
Relationship Status: Single
Astrological sign: Leo is ma sign

Favorite movie and why? I love the movie Good Will Hunting because its just so real, the acting is perfection, and it gives you that tingle in your brain

Best date you’ve ever been on?: Best date I ever went on was when my ex took me Brazilian barbecue for my 20th birthday that food was fresh

Biggest Turn on with a girl?: Is when I get this one look from some of them thats like, “oh damn she be down for me kinda look”

Biggest Turn off: when I’m really confused

Celebrity Crush and why: Rihanna

Hobbies/Interests: music, physical activity and enjoying the company of my friends

Who would you consider your “man crush”: My man crush would be Johnny Depp.

If you had to be stuck on a deserted island for an entire year with another student at Suffolk university who would it be? If I was stuck on the deserted island i would pick this girl with a name that sounds like señorita.

Most embarrassing moment (keep it relatively appropriate): I had to sneeze so bad in english class in 8th grade that it made me fart… but someone dropped there book on the floor right as I did, so nobody actually heard it which was a miracle.

Best part about your Suffolk experience so far? Best part about the Suffolk experience is the people i have met.

Whats an interesting fact about you most people don’t know? Most people don’t know that i think about so many tiny details in life

Most romantic thing you’ve done for a girl/women? Most romantic thing I’ve done for a girl is decorate her whole front porch/ stairway with flowers that I picked (a lot of flowers), I designed things with the flowers (lol) like hearts…. and I feel pretty weird saying all that.

shout outs to billy bones mang! paulie dankins, meesha, big rob, duuu, dolds, deeanzay feebs alden seabreeze, max, finny booy, jodan, all tha ladies, all the peeps im not remembering too

Mackenzie's the name, Campus Correspondant for Suffolk is my game. 
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