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Coachella 2014 Fashion Essentials


As most of my friends will tell you, the majority of my conversations throughout the last couple weeks have revolved around Coachella: the lineup, the weather, my travel plans, and most of all, the fashion. While I have never been before, I’ve made sure to do my research regarding all of the essentials. With temperatures that will be reaching the high nineties during the day and falling below sixty at night, every festival-goer needs to be prepared for anything. Here are a few of my Coachella fashion must-haves for 2014:
Flowy dresses and rompers: Every girl at Coachella wants to beat the scorching temps, while still looking hot. Thin, breezy, fabrics allow you to stay cool, even on the hottest of days. Dresses and rompers are no fuss and all fashion.
Kimonos: Japanese-inspired kimonos are making their comeback and have been appearing in just about every store window . Their loose, open shape makes for the perfect cover up if your outfit of choice consists of high-waisted shorts and a crop or bikini top. Plus, a wide variety of prints and colors will allow you to stand out in such a large crowd.
Crop tops: This ongoing trend may be the most readily seen at Coachella this year and in years prior. Whether you opt for a structured, tribal tank or a cutoff, vintage band tee, there’s not much room for error. Flouncy minis, high-waisted denim, and hippie-chic maxis all make fabulous pairings for any cropped piece.
Flower crowns and headbands: When it comes to festivals, convenience is key. Hair accessories are a great way to add something special to an ensemble, while solving a major problem (especially in the desert): hair in your face and on your neck. Headwraps, turbans, and flower-embellished headbands are all favorites of mine.
Hats, hats, hats: I cannot stress enough the importance of a good hat. Whether it be a floppy, wide-brimmed hat, a fedora, or even just a baseball cap, these head-toppers are crucial. With the sun blaring on you for hours at a time, it’s imperative to protect your face, both for comfort and safety. See my Coachella Beauty Essentials for some great sunscreen options as well.
Sunglasses: I will fully admit that I am a bit of a sunglasses addict. I have about ten pairs on a normal rotation, plus my novelty pairs for special occasions. The sun cannot be escaped when you’re smack in the middle of the desert, so a good pair of sunnies is key. I will personally be rocking a heart-shaped pair, a gold-rimmed pair, and a standard “maybe I’m a celebrity, maybe I’m not, but you’ll never know because half of my face is covered” pair.
Comfortable shoes: Walking, dancing, frolicking… anything is possible at Coachella. When you’re going to be on your feet all day, you have to make sure that you’re comfortable. Ankle booties, canvas sneakers, gladiator sandals, and jellies are all viable options for festival footwear.
Jewelry: The sky’s the limit, but definitely feel free to pile it on. Turquoise, antique metals, crystals, and arrows are a few trends that may pop up pretty regularly.
Just in case: If you’re planning on camping, like I am, there are a few “what if” items that I would recommend packing. Rain boots or other waterproof shoes, a bathing suit, a light sweater or sweatshirt, and a waterproof jacket all fall into this category. I wouldn’t be opposed to a flowy pair of printed pants either. 
I have provided a few sample outfits to spark inspiration in all of you collegiettes, whether you’re flying out to Cali or just lusting over the fantasy of it all!

[All photos taken from Polyvore]

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