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Cinderella’s Castle In Walt Disney World Is Getting A GOLDEN Makeover

The Cinderella Castle in Walt Disney World's Magic Kingdom is getting a golden makeover and Disney fans everywhere are super excited!

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While Cinderella Castle has seen many amazing makeovers for the holidays and anniversary celebrations (except for the 25th anniversary makeover, we don't talk about her), this new makeover is going to be a permanent one! This new makeover isn't being done without reason though. This new makeover is to celebrate 70th anniversary of the release of "Cinderella"! With beautiful gold appliques, a brand new color scheme and a fresh coat of paint on the bricks, Cinderella's Castle is going to look better than it ever has before!

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The new color scheme is still going to be reminiscent of the original colors of the castle, while still giving it a fresh new look. The color scheme mimicks the colors of Sleeping Beauty's Castle in California's Disneyland, while also symbolizing Cinderella's courage and kindness. The new color scheme will have baby pink details throughout the castle as well as having a rich indigo as the new color for the top of the castle. The new gold appliques that are going to be added are going to add a new sense of glamour to the castle and emersing guests into a more magical and glamourous experience at the Magic Kingdom!

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Refurbishments on the castle are to start in the coming weeks and are going to continue throughout this upcoming season, so if you're planning a summer trip to Disney be prepared to see a ton of skrim and construction around the castle! 



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