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Christmas Controversy: When’s the Right Time to Start Celebrating the Holidays? 

This article is written by a student writer from the Her Campus at Suffolk chapter.

Personally, I love the days leading up to the holiday more than the actual day. Wrapping all the gifts to your friends and family, watching movies and listening to the cheesy Christmas songs, or doing fun experiences like cookie decorating and decorating the house with lights. But when exactly should we celebrate Christmas? Some like to kick start right after Halloween ends, some like it right at the beginning of the “Christmas month” on December 1st. But when’s the right time? 

After having students take an online survey asking their opinions, I read through the 44 responses found a clear winner. Gathering the results, 43.2% of students claim they celebrate right after Thanksgiving, 18.2% celebrate immediately after Halloween, 11.4% of respondents celebrate December 1st, and 27.3% stated they don’t mind when they celebrate. 

As the clear winner to celebrate Christmas after Thanksgiving, some defending this select date said: 

“Christmas season starts after Thanksgiving because it is just as important as Christmas, it’s just more about yummy food and conversations.” 

“You can celebrate Christmas and Thanksgiving hand in hand they give off the same vibes” 

Although being 2nd place, some defended their stance on celebrating Christmas ASAP, and said:  

“Screw Thanksgiving #christmassupremacy” 

“I think it gives me something to look forward to, being vegetarian Thanksgiving was never my favorite holiday so I jump to anticipating Christmas” 

While the larger consensus of respondents claimed they didn’t mind when Christmas is celebrated, I asked for any final thoughts or comments for the Christmas season. Selected responses said: 

“I think you can celebrate whenever, but talking in terms of tree life span, after Thanksgiving makes sense. But that does not mean you can’t start with the small stuff. Plus Thanksgiving is a day, Christmas is a lifestyle.” 

“I think that holidays need to be taken in one at a time, giving people enough time to enjoy the holiday and what it means to them.”

“I feel that in recent years we have begun celebrating/preparing for Christmas earlier and earlier because people are finding it hard to be happy, especially during the darker months. However, the fall season deserves to be appreciated to its fullest, I don’t want a peppermint mocha frappe in November.” 

Regardless of the “correct” or “right” time to start celebrating Christmas, the most common favorite component of the holiday was spending time around family and loved ones or having the build up to the holiday be their favorite. Happy holidays! 

Aiko is a freshman majoring in English with a concentration in literature. Her hobbies include reading, writing, crocheting, and collecting vinyls. Future articles you may see are book and film reviews, lifestyle posts, and personal experiences!