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BTS Just Dropped Their Latest Music Video and I’m Still Screaming

On March 28, pop superstars BTS released their latest music video MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA Comeback Trailer and I think I actually died of excitement and pride watching it. 

The music video starts with super cool illustrations before RM, the leader of BTS, pops up and shows why he is considered one the best rappers of our generation. The music video samples their older song “Intro: Skool Luv Affair.”  BTS seems to be entering a more hip-hop-inspired much like their debut albums. However unlike in their debut albums, this song seems completely authentic. When BTS first debuted they were accused of plagiarism and inauthenticity. Now BTS is safely the only group I can say are 100% authentic to themselves and unafraid to show their true selves. Following the Love Yourself Era comes this new era of accepting yourself, even the versions of yourself you may not like or know exist. Take away the hip hip sound and the lyrics give you a beautiful poem about self-love.  Put the lyrics with a hip hop sound and you get an instant hit. 

Persona discusses the differing versions of RM and how he accepts and cherishes them all. RM is Kim Namjoon, RM the idol, RM the rapper, and as Time Magazine said RM one of the leaders of the next generation.  We all have different versions of ourselves, some we wish to disappear and some we have to adapt to survive. Yet in learning to love yourself you learn that you don’t always have to like others see you, you only have to like how you portray yourself.

(image from: Billboard)

The lyrics that stuck the most with me was the chorus.


Who the hell am I

I just wanna go

I just wanna fly

I just wanna give you all the voices till I die

I just wanna give you all the shoulder when you cry.”

In these lyrics, RM is being selfless while also being introspective. He wishes to be the man his fan’s needs, he wishes to be the man his fans think he is. 

After only one day the video already has 14 million views.  The new music video inspired a viral challenge called “The Persona Challenge.”  As opposed to previous time passing challenges, the BTS fans didn’t focus on their looks, even though they all looked wonderful. BTS fans showed how the boys helped them battle years of issues with self-confidence, feeling aimless, and mental and physical health.  There is reason BTS’ music is seen as music for healing, their music provides a safe place for so many people to discover, accept, and love every part of themselves. 

(image from: billboard)

The MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA albums will be released on April 12 and there is no doubt in my mind that this album will change the music industry and heavily influences the discussion of how we perceive and portray ourselves. 

Sarah Turley is a current junior at Suffolk University studying Print/Web Journalism. She is from Albany, New York and loves everything about Boston. When not writing for Her Campus she can also be found writing for the Suffolk Journal, reading, finding the best new restaurants with her friends, or traveling the world.
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