Bruce Jenner: The Interview

America was finally given the answer they’ve all been waiting for… Bruce Jenner is in fact transforming himself into a woman. On Friday night’s interview with Diane Sawyer, Jenner confessed his 65-year-old battle with keeping his feelings a secret from the world and most importantly, his family. The emotional interview has made his fans love him even more, which is the complete opposite of what he expected for many years. He recalls being afraid of coming out because he didn’t want to disappoint his fans and family. America’s star athlete and macho man figure is now considered a brave character while representing the rest of the transgender population who are struggling or have struggled with this same battle. Jenner’s story will go down in history and hopefully change the perceptions that many people have on transgender people.

Jenner admits that he began to take hormones in the 80’s, but soon enough he stopped because he began to see drastic changes to his body. Halfway through his first two marriages, he revealed his secret to his wives. In his marriage with Kris Jenner, it wasn’t until she caught him in a dress that he told her his secret. During their marriage, they tried to work things out, but unfortunately something this big can’t just simply be “worked out.”

Jenner’s secret didn’t stop his family, friends, or fans from loving him any different. After the interview aired that Friday evening, many celebrities including his daughters themselves posted wonderful and loving posts about their brave father.

No matter what, Bruce Jenner will continue to be known as America’s star athlete and a courageous person in our hearts. Good luck to him on his new journey in life.

Here are some of the Instagram posts from his family and fans: