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Boston’s Best Study Spots

With school back in session, I’m sure you’re just as desperate as me to avoid returning to the library.  Try out some of these new study spots instead!

Paul Bakery




This posh, spacious coffee shop is located right near the Old State House.   This French-inspired, internationally-renowned bakery is home to some AMAZING pastries and bakery items (like macaroons and baguettes), tea, coffee and sandwiches.  The minimalist style, neutral colors, high ceiling and large space of the bakery make it a comfortable place to sit for a few hours (without going crazy).  When the weather’s nice, there’s also outdoor seating!


Boston Common

For people who don’t mind a little noise and distraction while they study, take advantage of the beautiful weather and study in the Boston Common!  With plenty of grassy space to spread out with a friend and some school work, the Common is a great place to get some vitamin D while you get your work done.


Caffé Nero

This café on Washington Street has become my go-to spot for the fall semester – and can you blame me?!  The living room-esque setup and rich colors of the café makes for a comfy atmosphere.  While the weather is nice, there’s also outdoor seating.  But beware, it is on Washington Street: the sounds of tourists and traffic may be a distraction!  Indoors, the seats are full of fellow studiers, which makes it easy to focus.  They also have food and a coffee punch card – buy ten coffees, get one free!


Boston Public Library

The Public Library is one of the most beautiful spots in Boston.  Why not take advantage of the serene atmosphere and spacious layout of the Library to get some work done?!  While the weather is nice, be sure to try out the Center Garden – it’s like a scene straight out of a fairy tale!

Once the weather gets colder, there are plenty of spaces indoors to take some homework.  Check out The Maproom Café or Bates Hall (known for its long study tables filled with green lamps).  Both are just as jaw-dropping as the Garden, and quiet enough to be productive!


Starbucks – Harvard Square

Everyone has their favorite Starbucks (admit it, you do).  This one is mine! The second floor of this Starbucks has window seating that overlooks Harvard Square – go during sunset and it’s not only a worthy distraction from your work, but a great photo opp! ;)  Plus, sitting amongst the Harvard students is a little extra motivation to do your homework.  #goals.


Boston Common Coffee Co.


As a Suffolk student, I’m sure you’re no stranger to this go-to coffee shop!  Right next to the Modern Theater, the Boston Common Coffee Company is a convenient spot to get some work done.  They have an impressive menu of breakfast foods, sandwiches, salads and baked goods, and their wide selection of coffee and espresso never disappoint.  There’s plenty of seating (including some comfy couches and window seats), and chances are there’s other people taking advantage of the prime location to get some work done too.  They have additional locations in the North End, Financial District and more.


The Thinking Cup


What would a study-spot roundup be without The Thinking Cup?  Known for its dim lighting, newspaper-covered tables, Insta-worthy espresso designs and convenient locations (there’s one on Hanover Street, one on Tremont Street and another on Newbury Street which also has outdoor seating), this coffee shop is the perfect place to bury your nose in a book or write a paper.  The atmosphere is relaxing and comfy, and everything off the menu is amazing (especially the grilled cheese and hot lattes).


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