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Boston is Keeping it Cool This Spring!

After a brutally cold New England winter, us Bostonians long for the warm days of spring to make its swift return. We yearn for the days spent tanning on the Commons, with a book and ice coffee in hand. Craved are the nights we can go out on the town in our cutest ensembles without freezing half to death. So who would have thought that Boston would be adding its first Frost Ice Bar in Faneuil Hall this coming spring?!

Get ready for this new, trendy, and exciting addition into Boston’s nightlife! The popular phenomenon is seen in many other major cities, from Los Angeles to London, to Tokyo, to Las Vegas, Orlando, and Milan. Now, it’s Boston’s chance to turn up the heat by keeping it cool.

“The concept for a year-round ice bar in Boston was launched by the Frost Group LLC, in collaboration with Boston Duck Tours,” according to Frost Group CEO, Cindy Brown, who is also the general manager of Boston Duck Tours.

This venue will be constructed totally out of ice, containing a variety of ice sculptures and décor. As expected, this bar scene will be cold, but how cold you ask? The Frost Ice Bar will be set at a teeth-chattering 24 degrees (all the more reason to find a cutie to snuggle up with to stay warm!) For health and safety purposes, there will be an allotted amount of time that patrons will be allowed to spend in the bar, however.
This all-the-rage attraction will certainly be making some noise and spicing up the nightlife scene. Boston is bringing the word “cool” to a whole new level in spring of 2013, so be sure to check it out!


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