Binge Worthy Throwback Tv Shows

Friends- 1994

The classic fan favorite will always be a top choice when picking out your newest tv marathon. The hilarious escapades of Rachel, Monica, Phoebe, Ross, Chandler, and Joey will never fail to make you laugh.


Dawson's Creek- 1998

Dawson’s Creek is the ultimate hopeless romantic drama that follows the life of Dawson and his best friends Joey, Pacey, and the girl next door Jen. Dawson the die hard spielberg fan dreams of being a filmmaker, so when he isn't busy drooling over the newest movie he is hanging out with his childhood best friend Joey the will they won't they couple of all time. So if you're in the mood to invest this is the show for you.  


Sex and the City- 1998

Carrie Bradshaw is the coolest journalist and baddest babe you’ll ever meet. Alongside her gal pals Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda she takes on the New York social scene by storm, capturing the hearts of the city's most eligible bachelors. I mean, name a more iconic girl gang, I’ll wait.


Roswell- 1999

Roswell is the perfect cross between sci fi and romance with the coolest 90’s vibes that will get you in the mood for halloween. The series follows a group of three human alien hybrids Max, Michael, and Isabelle as they attempt a normal high school existence; however Max threatens it all for his crush Liz while saving her life. Where there is Liz there is Mariah as they are inseparable alongside their pal Alex. The aesthetic of the town hangout, The Crash Down is enough to watch the show honestly, the added sci fi romance drama is just an added bonus.


Gilmore Girls- 2000

The cutest mother daughter pair to ever live Rory and Lorelei turn over their small town. You can never go wrong with this feel good show perfect for sleepover or bestie hangout!

The OC- 2003

The OC follows the dramas behind the Cohen, Cooper, and Nichol families centering around Ryan, the kid from the wrong side of town as he is thrown into the sophisticated Orange County lifestyle. Seth Cohen, Ryans right hand man, is the ultimate nerdy boy crush that everyone will fall for. Marissa and Summer are total best friend goals, and the whole gang together makes for a really great dynamic with their fair share of trials to overcome.


One Tree Hill-2003

Let’s go Ravens! This 2000’s classic follows the dramas of two estranged brothers Lucas and Nathan Scott, and their battles on and off the basketball court.