#BestOfSuffolk: Instagram

With a University priding itself on student diversity, there is no question that Suffolk’s thousands of students are unique in his or her own way. Her Campus Suffolk is all about finding and showcasing our Campus Celebrities, and although it’s clear we’ve got some students doing crazy cool things, having a cool Instagram in 2015 is also an achievement all on its own. Here are a few students at Suffolk who’ve got their Insta-Game on point:


1.     @charlottle_oneill

Traveling the world (and doing it flawlessly) Charlotte O’Neill has an Instagram that provokes immediate wanderlust. Toss a follow if you want to be inspired by her on-point outfits, or perhaps just envy her life as an urban European traveler.


  2. @fenwayfashionista  

Suffolk student Samantha Crompton’s fashion blog and corresponding Instagram account ‘Fenway Fashionista’ not only gives us girls some major inspiration, but keeps us up to date on what’s trending in the world of fashion. She successfully uses visually appealing Boston landscapes as backdrops showcasing pieces that can be bought nearby.


3.     @michaelwilliamwalker

With 13,000 followers, how can you not agree that Michael Walker is a star in the making?! His Instagram will make you consider auditioning for The Voice (as much as your shower head might try to convince you not to) or making moves to drop a new mixtape so you can get 100 likes in 37 seconds like Mike consistently does. Check out his EP on iTunes or Spotify as well as his Instagram and prepare to be amazed.


4.     @lt_millzy22

Luke’s Instagram may be the sole reason you splurge on a GoPro, but it’s worth the $200 (and tossing out a follow). Refreshing to see a male Instagram that isn’t #FTB or a weekly gym selfie; Luke consistently posts some intense scenery (#NoFilter) and action shots that will make you want to lace up your sneakers and partake in a casual excursion of Extreme Sports.


5.     @dior_serra

Her name says it all. Dior is ‘Bad AF,’ and she knows it. Between being a MAC Makeup artist, fitness and cycling enthusiast, and aspiring reporter, Dior’s got her looks on point and she isn’t ashamed to flaunt what she’s got. Her confidence is magnetic, and her Instagram makes you forget she actually isn’t a celebrity, but rather, a Suffolk student like you or I.