Best YouTuber's to Watch for Halloween Looks

I can’t believe that Halloween is just one weekend away! The days waiting in anticipation can be particularly stressful with all the last-minute costume planning. The easiest costumes in college are often the simplest, even if that means throwing on an outfit you already own and letting your makeup do the talking. That being said, sometimes inspiration from photos can be hard to replicate. That is why I have gathered a list of my favorite YouTuber’s to watch during the Halloween season so all your spooky looks turn out flawless!

Nicole Guerriero

Link to her channel:

If you haven’t seen Nicole Guerriero’s Halloween tutorials or even makeup looks in general, stop what you’re doing and go watch her videos! She is by far the queen of Halloween tutorials. So far, this year she’s done, Pennywise, a Diamond Skull, and Ursula and has SLAYED them all! Go check them out, as well as her tutorials from previous years for more inspiration!



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If you’re a lover of makeup, then you for sure know who the fabulous NikkieTutorials is! She is one of the most talented makeup artists on YouTube. She did a GORGEOUS vampire princess tutorial which is part of her Halloweek series, so stay tuned for more amazing tutorials this week!


Chloe Morello

Link to her channel:

If you’re looking for some super spooky looks this year, Chloe Morello should be your go to gal. Her talent is unreal, especially in her creepy scarecrow tutorial where she made special effects makeup look absolutely flawless. Check out her Halloween tutorials playlist for a bunch of inspiration!


Roxette Arisa

Link to her channel:

One of my all-time favorite YouTuber’s is Roxette Arisa. She is insanely talented at makeup! Like Chloe, she makes using crazy special effects look so flawless! Her Zombie Prom Queen tutorial blew me away! Check it out as well as her Halloween tutorials from previous years for tons of inspiration!