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Best self-care tips for finals week

For many college students like myself, finals week will soon be upon us. Whether it be studying for tests, putting the final touches on a project, or cramming to finish a research paper, it can be a very stressful time for students. However, it is important to remember to prioritize self care during this time, especially as we get caught up in meeting deadlines. Below, I have included a list of some tips for self-care during finals week and how to stay stress free for the last part of the semester:

  1. Stay Organized

Keeping your work materials organized is an important part to staying on top of your assignments. Separating your notes for each final and dedicating specific times to working on them can ensure that you get all of your work done and meet deadlines. A planner where you write down assignments and due dates can also be extremely helpful to map out what you need to do and have a clear mindset going into finals week.

  1. Getting plenty of rest and eating well

You may hear this a lot, but a good night’s rest can make a huge difference. Researchers say that college students should get between 7-9 hours a night. For most of us, late nights and cramming for assignments does not seem that out of the ordinary, but it is better to be well rested going into finals week. Getting enough sleep can help with brain activity and your overall performance. 

What kind of food you put into your body can also help your overall success. It can be easy for us to skip the three meals a day to cram for exams and turn to quick and easy fast food or snacks, but your body needs the fuel to perform well. Taking the time to eat three well-balanced meals a day can help your overall well-being and avoid bad reactions to stress. 

  1. Unplug from technology

Most times we don’t even realize it, but most of our days can be spent on our phones, scrolling through social media or streaming videos. Social media can be incredibly distracting and a draining form of entertainment, so it is important to take a step back from it during a time where we are experiencing more stress and anxiety. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to cut off social media completely during finals week, but instead dedicate a small block of time for yourself to be on it before focusing and getting back to work. 

There are always other ways of relaxing from studying or doing assignments, whether it be hanging out with friends, taking a quick drive, or reading a book.

  1. Make time for things you enjoy

Although performing well on your finals is important, it is also important to dedicate time each day for yourself and have something to look forward to. Give yourself a specific time each day to finish working and dedicate small breaks throughout the day to give your brain a break and recharge. 

With the holiday break coming up, there are many opportunities to ring in the holiday cheer and get away from all the stress, whether it be going to see the Christmas lights, watching a holiday movie, or celebrating with some friends. 

No matter how you choose to get through finals week, it is important to prioritize yourself and your health first as we make it through this final stretch of the semester!

Lauren Comeau is a senior at Suffolk University with a major in Print and Web Journalism. She is originally from North Reading, MA. At Suffolk, she is a member of the Program Council, hosts her own nighttime radio show, and enjoys writing for the university's chapter of Her Campus. Lauren is an avid movie fan, loves Harry Styles, and often spends long hours experimenting with new baking recipes.
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