Best Moments of Rupaul's Drag Race All Stars Season 3 *SPOILERS*

Every drag race fan looks forward to the hunger games of drag race that the all stars season. This particular season of all stars has already given us iconic clapbacks and lip syncs and we’re only into the fourth episode of the season. That being said, here are the best moments that would leave even Michelle Visage speechless!

The first episode was full of gag-worthy moments, that when Rupaul announced that season one winner, Bebe Zahara Benet, was also going to be competing this season, all of us watching at home basically suffocated because we all gagged so hard. Whether you love or hate the fact that a former winner is on all stars, you have to admit that Bebe’s workroom entrance was more dramatic than any box Shangela could ever pop out of!

Looking at the actual challenge of the first episode, The Talent Show, Aja stole the stage as her put all her best club moves into her performance leaving all the queens and judges shook. Aja had not one, not two, but THREE outfit changes and death dropped off of a huge cube, leaving us as shook as Morgan McMichael’s was during the entire performance!

Thorgy Thor is a drag queen fans love to hate and after watching her sabotage herself throughout the second episode, I understand why. From complaining about how Stevie Nicks isn’t a “gay icon” to losing opportunities to really turn out her performance, Thorgy dropped the ball during this challenge but gave the most simplistic, yet hilarious reaction to getting eliminated, “Oh Jesus, gross.”

The Bitchelor episode was supposed to be Trixie’s time to shine, but the ever-so annoying, Milk, “overshadowed” her through over-playing her character which was in no-way funny or relatable. Even though Milk claims that she is the most dignified and polished queen, the real winner of the challenge, Kennedy Davenport, sent her packing after Milk degraded Kennedy’s classic drag style, which we should be thanking Kennedy for doing because Milk was actually the worst.

Everyone knows that the Snatch Game episode separates strong queens from the weak queens and Trixie’s performance left everyone confused, angry, and overall disappointed. But this wasn’t the highlight of the episode, the best part was when Shangela went into full detail explaining how the queen she was deciding to send home was clearly directed at Trixie, but when she pulled out her lipstick and it had ChiChi’s name on it, everyone flipped every table in sight due to the stress Shangela put Trixie fans, and myself, through.

Even though we’re only four episodes into this season, from these few moments we’ve gotten so far, we can expect way more drama and hilarious one-liners from this season. So to make sure you never miss a gag-worthy episode, tune into VH1, Thursday nights 8/7c or on the VH1 app!