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Benefits Of Being In A Sorority

Ever wonder what it would be like being in a sorority? Are you trying to decide if you should rush for Greek life at your school? A sorority is about so much more than the TV shows and movies make it seem. Some of the stereotypes the media portrays around sorority life are exclusion, alcoholism, bullying and so much more. But they never talk about the well rounded, empowered female that sorority’s produce. A sister who is willing to help her community, thrive in a professional setting and have created close bonds with so many girls she knows will support her no matter what. The benefits of being in a sorority go way beyond the pretty faces and free t-shirts. Being apart of something bigger than yourself, like generations of sorority women who came before you is an incredible feeling. The bond you feel with them as you learn about their legacy and their impact on your sorority’s values and beliefs is really special.

But what about the sister you see at least 3 times a week? Every Monday night at chapter or Wednesday afternoon for core value, even Sunday morning for a sister brunch; you are constantly surrounded by girls that represent the same visions and ideals as you do. Reflecting back on your time as a sorority member you don’t realize how close you have gotten to your sisters. All the study dates, alumna panels, and early dinners before meetings force you to understand one another as you grow into strong young ladies. Growth is an important theme throughout sorority life. You learn who you are as a leader. Whether you want to be president of your organization or just secretary there's a position for you to develop and take charge of.

Do you like social media? PR chair is the place for you. Interested in community service? Hold all your sisters accountable for community outreach. The leadership skills you will gain by taking charge of your sorority can be detrimental to your professional career. You will learn to write reports, stick to deadlines and be aware of a common goal. While leadership is a skill you can transfer later in life, the networking you can do while in a sorority is incredible. You have an entire chapter of alumna who are willing to give you any advice or opportunities that they may have. Take advantage of the multiple alumna panels and group events. Find women who are pursuing careers in your chosen field and stay in contact with them. Regular updates can only increase the likelihood of you having a secure and safe place to land after graduation.

While planning for the future is important to be sure to focus on your present studies. Take advantage of the private study rooms for you and your sisters. Be sure to reach out to your scholarship chair if you are having personal issues in class. Find other sisters who are in the same major as you or have taken similar classes who can help you study for a particularly hard test or write a paper. Everyone in your organization understands that academics come first and will support you in that decision. At such a detrimental time in your life, you need a strong support system around you, for 18 years of your life that may have been your family but moving away to college, you have to find other support. Your sorority sisters build a strong support system for you to always lean on.

It's an amazing feeling to be constantly surrounded by female empowerment. Every aspect of life in a sorority mimicks feminist values and desires, each woman wants the other to thrive and gain independence and knowledge. Speaking from experience Alpha Sigma Alpha has given me a place to grow as a woman and learn how to develop my own values and beliefs. I started out as Service and Giving chairman which allowed me to appreciate all the ways to give back in the greater Boston area. I have now taken a greater leadership role on E-board focusing on alum and heritage. I love being able to work on a team for one common goal, to enhance the lives of our sister and foster close friendships. ASA teaches us to “Joyously Live”. I remember that in ordinary day to day aspects, work for a life you want to live, that's the power of ASA.