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Beauty Blog: Hiding Bad Hair Days


Several things are inevitable in a girl’s life; including: paying bills, having to exercise, and the all-too-often bad hair days.  Unfortunately, we all seem to experience them on the day we have the most perfect and trendiest outfit picked out.  While we can’t always predict when the dreaded day will present itself, we can be prepared.

Whether its humidity or cold winds making your hair out of control, there are many quick and easy solutions to calm down that frizz and still look absolutely trendy and chic:

1. Have a few wide headbands available to push it back.  If you have several patterns, fun textures, and seasonal colors, you can always create a fresh look, and your hair will look as though you planned it that way to begin with.

2. Don’t hesitate to wear a trendy hat, or baseball cap depending on your outfit and your plans for the day.  With so many fashionable hat styles to choose from right now, there’s never been a better time to look chic and savvy…while resolving a hair issue at the same time.


3. The simple pony tail (or partial pony tail) is a perfect solution to pull your hair away from your face for a sleek, neat look. Shop for unique pony holders and barrettes for several options to work with.  Many can be found on the online botique, etsy.com.


4. Sometimes the weather makes your hair just simply out of control and messy.  You may be trying to curl it or do a certain style and it’s just not working.  Put it up!  So many easy-to-do up-dos are in right now, and they look great.  Twist your hair around several times and pin it back! Practice in advance, so you can be prepared to do it quickly.  For example, you can make a cute messy side bun with some strands hanging down – it will look fabulous and stylish, and you’ll get the frizz out of your face.

5. Fishtail or braid those long luscious locks.  Tease the hair at the top, and let some loose strands hang out, to create a fashionably messy look.  Braid it to the side and show off that sexy neck!


6. Above all….relax, deal with your hair as effectively as possible, and know that there’s always someone out there dealing with a worse hair day than you are having…

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