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Beauty Blog: Coachella 2014 Beauty Essentials


As someone who’s camping, I know my resources may be limited in regards to products, time, outlets, etc. Although it’s a bit out of my comfort zone, I’m going to attempt to avoid all heat-styling tools while at Coachella. Over the three days, I plan on experimenting with different hairstyles while embracing my natural texture.

As far as products go, dry shampoo will be a lifesaver. Throughout the day, dirt and grease can pile up on hair in an active, outdoor environment, and a spritz here and there will combat any damage perfectly. Travel-sized hairspray, sea salt texturizer and frizz fighters can also be helpful, although I wouldn’t recommend any aerosol sprays.


While in the ideal world, everyone would go makeup-free to the desert, that is simply not the case. Luckily, there are so many products these days that make minimal makeup both easy and effective. What’s most important is allowing your natural beauty to shine through. Here are the products I will most likely be bringing in my bag:

Primer: This will not only help set any makeup that you do decide to wear, but it can also mattify and even out your skin. A favorite of mine is Benefit’s Porefessional because it smooths out any imperfections, even without added makeup.

BB Cream: Lighter than a foundation but with more coverage than a tinted moisturizer, BB Cream is the perfect option for any collegiette who isn’t completely comfortable going bare-faced. Regular foundations will slip and slide off of your skin in the heat, so this will be your best bet. To ensure flawless skin throughout the day, pack some oil-blotting sheets, like the ones I keep in my purse everyday.

Lip and cheek tint: Who doesn’t love a 2-in-1?! Hybrid pigments that work for both your cheeks and lips are perfect for times that you want to look your best without having to deal with too many products. Benefit makes a wide variety of shades that can cater to just about any skintone or desired look.

Waterproof mascara: Smudged eye makeup, or “racoon eyes,” can lead you to look more like you belong in the woods than the desert. Waterproof mascara can help open and brighten your eyes for the duration of the festival. The last thing anyone wants is to have to touch up throughout the day and miss out on the fun.

Face jewels: While they aren’t exactly considered makeup, gems are a fabulous way to add interest to your look without applying anything to your skin. Plus, when besides Coachella are you going to get to wear rhinestones on your face?!

While I wouldn’t put them on my list of must-haves, waterproof eyeliners and cream-based eyeshadows can be fun to enhance any look. Personally, I find that they’re too much of a hassle and don’t last super long anyway.


Sunscreen: This goes at the very top of my essentials list. There is not much that is more unattractive than a sunburn, not to mention the obvious dangers involved. For your body, I would recommend a spray-on protectant with a sports formula for ease and long-lasting coverage. For your face, many companies are making sunscreen mineral powders now that can prevent both redness and shine. If you’re more traditional, feel free to opt for an oil free lotion.

Glitter: Sparkles and shimmer powders are a fun way to enhance your glow. Mix a little into your body lotion for mess-free, easy application.

Nail polish: I’m a bit of a nail art freak, so it’ll be tough to contain myself when choosing a hue to sport on my fingers and toes. While many people will decide on wild patterns and colors, I think I’m going to choose a more neutral tone. There isn’t necessarily a common thread between each of my ensembles, so a more basic hue ensures that everything will be complimentary. (But honestly, I’d recommend a fun pastel or neon polish from any major brand’s new spring line).

Body scrub: While I wouldn’t recommend taking this to the festival, I suggest using it to prep about a week in advance. You’ll most likely be bearing a lot of skin, so you want to make sure it looks flawless. Make your own forumla by combining coarse salt or sugar with essential oils, or purchase an affordable scrub of your choice at any drugstore.


Stay tuned for my Coachella 2014 Fashion Essentials! xx

[All photos from ASOS, Nasty Gal, and Google]

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