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Beauty Blog: Brow Boot Camp, Tips & Tricks for Amazing Arches


Eyebrows are a lot like body types: there isn’t a universal shape that’s right for everyone. However, there is a standard set of guidelines that can help any collegiette achieve the picture-perfect brows they desire. In more recent years, celebrities like Cara Delevingne and Camilla Belle have brought back thicker shapes, over the pencil-thin lines that may have been more popular in the past. These styles tend to flatter a wider range of face shapes, and can more successfully enhance one’s natural beauty. Since not everyone’s arches are naturally abundant, here are some tips for making 2014 your Best Brow Year Ever:

Solidify Your Shape: The formation of your brow hairs can make or break your arch appeal. Most ladies have their maintenance method of choice, whether it be waxing, plucking, or threading. I prefer to tame strays myself. My routine goes as follows:

● Test: Hold a pencil vertically against the edge of your nose; this is where your eyebrows should start. Keeping the base of the pencil in place, pivot outward until it hits the outside of your iris; this is where your arch should peak. Continuing along in the same motion, stop again at the outer corner of your eye; this is where your brow should end.

● Trim: After brushing all hairs upwards with a clean mascara wand, trim edges that fall outside of your natural shape. Hold your scissors vertically to avoid blunt edges that can result in bald patches once your hairs are back in place.

● Tweeze: Pluck any hairs outside of your newly polished shape with a slanted set of tweezers. Do NOT over-pluck or I can assure you that you will regret it. If you’re questioning any spots, leave them and come back another day.

Pick Your Poison: With so many applications to choose from, finding the right product is easy for both makeup mavens and beauty beginners.

● Pencil: While I wouldn’t personally recommend a pencil to a beginner, it can be a great option for someone with a very light and steady hand. To use, draw a light line along the bottom border of your brow. Follow by filling in any sparse areas with short lines or dots. Holding the pencil towards the bottom allows for thin, wispy strokes, more reminiscent of actual hairs. Too heavy of a hand can result in brows that look like they belong on a cartoon, not a beaut like yourself.

● Powder: This can serve as a great option for beginners, due to its ability to be customized. Starting with a very small amount of powder on an angled brush, press lightly onto patches that need a little extra assistance. Pack on the color until the newly filled in patches match your natural hue.

● Mascara: My personal favorite! In short upward strokes, apply this fiber-enhanced formula to vertically-brushed brows. This gives you coverage by adding both color and volume. After allowing it to dry, brush through with a clean mascara wand (spooly) to achieve your most natural look. While this may not allow for the most precise shape, it is extremely beneficial for ladies who are looking to thicken and darken their arches.

● Clear or Tinted Gel: Keep your newly perfected brows in place with brow gel. Wipe off any excess to avoid noticeable clumps. Apply in short, controlled strokes, brushing hairs up and away from your face. Allow it to dry before applying any other makeup.

Brow Bonuses:

● Enhance Your Eyes: Apply a highlighter pencil directly under your eyebrows and on the rest of your brow bone. The illuminating pencil will create contrast and allow your arches to shine.

● Be a Grower and a Shower: Nightly treatments can assist hair growth and strength. For instant gratification, turn to serums that are marketed for eyebrow enhancement, such as Revitabrow. To keep both your brows and wallet thick, opt for a homemade formula. Fill a travel-sized shampoo container with half castor oil and half coconut oil. Leave a small space at the top and fill with avocado oil. Before applying, shake vigorously to mix all ingredients. Dip a spooly into the small hole at the top of the container, and brush through your brows. The size of the hole naturally eliminates excess product to avoid any drippage. Apply this serum every evening before bed to clean brows. While you may not see immediate results, your hair should appear thicker and fuller in a couple of weeks, so stick to it!

Comment below with what methods work for you! xx

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