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Attention Sophomores: Job Shadow Program Opportunity!


For all you Suffolk sophomores out there! Are you interested in learning more about your future career path? Are you interested to see if you choose the right career? If yes, then apply for the Job Shadow Program ASAP! Applications are due by TODAY, December 7, 2012. Students will get the chance to work alongside Suffolk alumni or other companies that host the program.  This is a great way to start adding to your resume and gain knowledge for the future!

Though it is a selected process, the program matches the sophomore with professionals in their chosen field to gain an incredible externship/job shadowing experience. The Job Shadow Program will take place during spring break, and the shadowing experience will last from 1-5 days of the break, depending which job you selected to work with.  Students will take a look at how the company/organization is run.  Students will be able to ask their future employers questions about job expectations, requirements for the job, and any questions related to their job field. 

During the course of the Job Shadow Program, students will be engaging in:

·      A tour of their destine job company/organization

·      Shadow the sponsor at the workplace

·      Observe office meetings, daily tasks, etc.

·      Client interaction (some may ask for you to help with clients)

·      Learning the job required software

·      Luncheons with clients/your sponsor

·      Learn the interview process

These are just a few things you will be able to experience during your time in the program. Students will be required to pay for transportation, food, and other accommodations for the program.  Get going sophomores! You can find the form below and other necessary requirements needed.  Be sure to check out more information and FAQs in this link below as well.


Name: Emily Lopez Major: English Academic Year: 2015 Editorial Team
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