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Any Punny Ideas?

Ah the beloved season of Halloween is upon us, and you all know what comes with that- a great costume!  We all have seen the black cats and Waldos, but why not be something punny?  Punny costumes are easier and cheaper than you think.   Hopefully you can use some of these costumes for some of the upcoming Halloween parties.


Dunkin Donuts– America runs on Dunkin! This costume really simple.  All you need is a donut float (donut), a basketball jersey and basketball (dunkin)! Put it all together and you’ll have a ballin’ time ;) 

Hawaiian Punch– Childhood in a juice.  Another costume that is punny and easy!  For this styling costume just get some boxing gloves, leis, a grass skirt (for girls) or a Hawaiian shirt for guys and then you’re done! 


Pig in a Blanket– This costume is easy and really comfy!  So how does one become a pig in a blanket? Well, all you need is a pink shirt, pink ear headband, a pig nose, and a blanket! That’s all!

See being punny isn’t that complicated nor does it break the bank!  Hope you can use some of these ideas to your benefit!

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