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Alvaro Sierra Sanchez ’16


When Alvaro Sierra Sanchez isn’t clowning around with his friends, he’s photographing beautiful women in the streets of Madrid, making Rom-Com videos for his YouTube channel, and getting thousands of views on his Vines.


Name: Alvaro Sierra Sanchez

Age: 20

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Major: Advertising/Marketing

Hobbies: Art, photography, goofing around with friends, and salsa dancing

Relationship Status: Single

Social Media: @ASSIERRA27


AM: How did you first get involved in photography?

Alvaro: When I was seven years old, my aunt was taking photos of me in her home. She then asked me to take a picture of her and her boyfriend with a disposable camera. My aunt thought it would be a typical seven year old photograph, with the image slightly tilted and my thumb in the way.  When she finally developed it, she was stunned to see that it was actually a very good photo. Ever since that moment, photography has been my passion.


AM: What is your favorite thing to photograph?

Alvaro: I love to take pictures of landscapes, but photographing women is my absolute favorite. I feel like women are the most beautiful thing in the world and there are endless possibilities when capturing their beauty on camera.



AM: Where do you get the inspiration for your Vines and YouTube videos?

Alvaro: I love to make people laugh, so during the day I will randomly think of something funny and make a video out of it.


AM: Have you ever had anyone in public recognize you from your Vines or YouTube channel?

Alvaro: Oh yeah! People come up to me all the time complimenting my videos. I’m always like, “Ayyyyy thank you!”. It always makes me so happy knowing I made someone laugh.


AM: Do you have any secret hidden talents?

Alvaro: I love to draw and act! Of course my favorite thing to draw is women. When I was 4 years old, I would draw pictures of my aunt in a wedding dress because I wanted her to get married so bad. 



AM: What is your favorite thing about Boston/Suffolk University?

Alvaro: I feel like I’m living in an American movie. Boston is a cultural hub, and theres so many different people and opportunities here. Suffolk University is in the perfect location and I couldn’t be any happier. I am incredibly thankful to my parents for allowing me to have this opportunity, because without them none of this would be possible.


AM: What are your plans for the future?

Alvaro: It is my dream to work in the creative parts of advertising. I would also love to follow in the footsteps of famous fashion photographer, Mario Testino. I’m not exactly sure what the future holds for me, but I hope to make people laugh along the way!

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