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Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadows

To all the makeup lovers out there, the new “Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadows” are hottest new eyeshadows in the drug-store makeup world! With 15 different shades and 4 different types of eyeshadow, the makeup looks that you can create are endless!


Her Campus sent us a ton of the shadows in this month’s survival kit and the 3 colors that stood out the most to me were colors: Thrill Seeker, Cause a Stir and Unapologetic. From a first glance, the colors are beautiful and vibrant, and the monochrome palette will add an extra kick to any minimalist’s makeup look! Each color in the quad has a matte, satin, metallic and glitter finish to each shadow, allowing you to create a full look with one little palette!

   Shade: Thrill Seeker

The satin and glitter shadows are perfect to add that extra pop to your eye look! The satin shadows give off a shimmery finish that you can add to shape your dull eye look. If you’re looking for a more eye-catching look, add some of the glitter shadows to make your eyes look like Fourth of July sparklers! On the other end of the spectrum, if you prefer a simpler look, the matte shades give off a subtle vibrancy that will really make your eyes pop! For makeup novices, using the metallic shades can add that special something to your everyday eye look!

    Shade: Unapologetic

Whether your eye look preferences are intense and wild or on the more tame and subtle side, the Almay Shadow Squad Eyeshadows are the perfect eye palette for any makeup enthusiast! Make sure to get your own eyeshadow quad at any drugstore nearby!


 Shade: Cause a Stir


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