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Affordable Fashions: The Ins and Outs of Thrift Shopping in Boston

Ever find yourself longing for the newest fashions but cringing at the price? Well lucky for those who reside in the Boston area I have created a cheat sheet to finding great affordable fashions, possibly right in your own neighborhood! Based off friends as well as my own shopping experiences I have narrowed down the best and worst thrift shops, as well as where to go for what. I’ve come to find that in some cases thrift shops are just hit or miss, which unfortunately is a risk you take whenever thrift shopping. However, I’ve done my best to direct you in the right direction in the hopes that you find what you’re looking for.  Now, you also have to be prepared to look. My cheat sheet may help, but I can’t do all the work here. Enjoy! 

  • Best overall selection: Boomerangs; 716 Centre Street ( Jamaican Plain Area) 

I have yet to make it here, although according to some friends and the internet Boomerangs is all the rage! They have a great selection of clothes and accessories all for some great prices. 

  • Best High End finds: Second Time Around, 324 &176 &219 Newbury Street, 275 Harvard Street (Brookline Area)

I’ve been here myself, you’ll find great higher end items such as clothes, bags, and shoes however it’s a tad pricier than your average “thrift shop” because of what they sell, but if you’re looking for some major labels without the major price I’d check it out!

  • Best Accessories: Buffalo Exchange 238 Elm Street (Allston Area) 

I’ve been here as well, great place for accessories! They have awesome shoes, accessories and jackets. If you’re looking for that one unique thing to complete a look I’d suggest going here they have some great stuff. However, if you’re looking for “everyday attire” I wouldn’t go here I noticed that the prices on casual attire seemed to be a bit higher, and I’m sure you can find similar items for cheaper. You can also sell things here from your own closet and put the credit towards your purchases. 

  • Best “Bang for your buck”: The Garment District 200 Broadway (Cambridge Area) 

I have yet to make it here, although I have a pal who works here and she said it’s great stuff. The entire store is mounds of clothing so be prepared to search for what you want. If you find yourself not being able to choose, then don’t worry they sell clothes buy the pound! You can also sell back personal items here as well. 

  • Best Costume/Household Selection: The Goodwill Store Commonwealth Ave (Allston/Brighton Area)

I work right down the street from this shop and it’s awesome for those random costume ideas or random sports apparel that you might need. They have a large range of clothes available along with some great household items all at great prices. I do also believe that you can sell back personal belonging here too.  



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